windows 11

Microsoft officially announced Windows 11 (June 24, 2021), unfortunately not the official windows 11 release date. The next major version of the desktop operating system for enterprise and personal. This version brings several improvements, including a redesigned UI, updated window management features, and even support for Android apps. Although for me not sure can get from windows 10 update, because there is a minimum of system requests that must be met for laptop or computer hardware to get windows 11 for free.

Minimum System Requirements for Windows 11

minimum system req windows 11

So there must be a fulfilled requirement to get windows 11 home for free from a windows 10 computer. I’m sure some laptops that we use here can be used for windows 11. But the official announcement of windows 11 used in all laptops does not exist yet, I think will wait for the official date first. And we hear some rumors about HP laptop that will use windows 11 for Envy and Omen series. Very interesting.

Windows PC Health

And for myself, it turns out that still can not use Windows 11. Because the computer I use 7th generation core i3 with 2 cores, already activated TPM, but the result is still not able to use windows 11. I’m not sure if one of the conditions is mandatory to have a microsoft account, because I don’t have a microsoft account. Further developments I will update here. However, it will be a free upgrade to anyone currently using Windows 10.

Fresh Perspective

Android app on windows 11

I’m not sure this is important to everyone or just a few because Microsoft has also overhauled its Store app for Windows 11. While it has a new UI designed to load and work faster, the main new feature here is support for Android apps. Through partnerships with Amazon and Intel, existing Android applications will be available through the Microsoft Store and will run on Windows 11 without any specific modifications. So you don’t need to add emulator software because windows 11 already supports it.

windows 11 feature

Introducing Snap Layouts, Snap Groups and Desktops that resemble MacOs. Oops, I mean system updates. which makes it easy to quickly organize multiple windows around your desktop. It will also remember this layout so that it can be carried when moving between monitors. This proves all laptops will be touch screens, and I think they will sell more tablet PCs than desktop computers. So get ready with a 2 in 1 laptop that will fill the market, and of course offer with better technology. Android will be the second choice later. According to Microsoft’s released statement, windows 11 will compete with andorid for some devices. Reminds me of the windows blue that is not heard, right?

Windows 11 Release Date Official

Windows 11 seems like a pretty big update for the Windows operating system. It doesn’t change anything for windows 10, because they promise to keep updating. But unfortunately, Microsoft did not reveal an exact date for the official windows 11 release date, only promising that it would start this holiday season and continue into 2022.

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