USB type C mouse is required for modern laptops and tablets, such as MacBook and Surface Book, this laptop don’t have a USB A port that most laptop use for mouse with USB A port.

Now with USB C allows you to use an external mouse. Because a USB-C mouse is basically designed to support USB A connectivity as well, the majority of USB-C mice can also be used with USB-A laptops, using an additional converter.

What is USB Type C Mouse?

I once talked about USB type C in my post yesterday, The point is the same as the explanation “What is USB Type C” only what I’m discussing right now is a laptop mouse or mice.

I will explain simply, USB type C is a port with a speed of 3.0 that is smaller than the USB type A port. I think it’s the same, it’s just a smaller shape and it’s suitable for some thin laptops now.

USB C Wired Mouse

USB C Wired Mouse for laptop
by Amazon

The mouse is connected straight to the computer with a USB-C cable and there is no need to use the battery. Actually almost no different from the USB-A port, which is different is the size and shape of using type C, and of course, its only compatible for laptops that have a USB type C port that are widely circulated today.

This device is the one that displays the connection with a USB type C cable. For gamers, a wired connection may be preferred as it will likely be a little faster and also offer a more stable connection. For the average user may not be ideal because the cable gets in the way and can become damaged over time.

USB C Wireless Mouse

USB C Wireless Mouse for macbook
by Amazon

USB connectors have been around for years but recently manufacturers have started walking away from traditional USB-A ports to faster, more modern USB-C connections. In effect some companies use this opportunity to create mice with USB-C ports, especially without cables or wireless. I think it’s very popular and more in the market.

Mice that use a wireless connection with a USB-C nano receiver only need to be inserted into your laptop. Easy isn’t it, it’s actually no different to the concept of USB port A but it’s very useful for people who want to minimize the number of cables they use. The best feature of this type of mouse is that it mostly uses a rechargeable battery. Goodbye AAA traditional battery.

Best USB Type C Mouse

When it comes to buying a mouse, there are a few things I hope you consider. The most important thing to make is what will you use this device for? For example, whether it will be used web browsing for work or whether to play games, and graphic design. Once you know it you can start identifying the features you need and how much money you should spend.

Below is the mouse with the best features I’ve ever tried, at different prices. Of course expensive prices will get better features, but not necessarily you are comfortable using them. So I’ll make sure my experience using this type C mouse is efficient for you.

Macally USB Type C Mouse

Macally USB Type C Mouse
by Macally

I bought it as a backup mouse and the trackpad first used too fussy to browse and do the work, but after several times of use, no more problems. Maybe it’s because wired. This is good value for money and comfortable in hand in my opinion. I love this mouse because it’s quiet, small, and responsive. Even now I still use this mouse for my macbook. Although not all the time.

HXMJ Wired USB C Gaming Mice

HXMJ Wired USB C Gaming Mice

This Super cheap USB-C mouse with rgb and amazing DPI, made by HXMJ company in China but really for $ 15 and I got more than I paid. Works as expected for games played on my MacBook and ASUS Gaming Laptops that I have tried and honestly I can hardly tell the difference between this product and my Razer mouse with traditional ports for gaming here.

Jelly Comb Dual Mode Type C Wireless Mouse

Jelly Comb Dual Mode Wireless Mouse
by Jelly Comb

Small, sleek, and cute. Charge and easily connect to any device, and look professional. I tried this for MacBook Pro and it works fine. People wasting so much money on magic mouse from Mac will probably regret this type C mouse function, because this mouse gets the same professional look, as well as the same excellent functionality. It’s really good and although there’s a bit of a problem in the battery that doesn’t last long. I think this mouse deserves to be number two for me.

Okimo Rechargeable Wireless Mouse with USB Receiver Type-C

OKIMO Rechargeable Wireless Mouse, 2.4Ghz Silent Computer Office Portable Slim Optical Mouse
by Okimo

It has good light, soft clicks, fairly fast DPI shifts, and works on hard surfaces rather well. What’s lacking in my opinion is that this mouse feels cheap, charging is quite short, and the DPI shift has no indicator. For some people it may be a problem, but this mouse is not for gaming. For me it’s been pretty good and comfortable to use.

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