If you want to find a USB type C docking station for laptop, you may need to do some deeper search because not all docking stations available on the market include USB type C port, which is necessary if you use a device that requires it. 

When I bought the docking stations, I was offered with USB C or not. Does it make a difference? I mean for what docking stations uses USB C. And the answer is came after looking at Macbook Air 2020 and some brands of laptops using USB type C to save USB port. Then, I said with my friend why not make a review about USB type C docking station that is useful for this latest laptop.

USB Docking Station

Adding a laptop USB port is pretty easy, you just have to add a docking station. Just connect to a standard USB expansion port or type C to add some USB port for connection to other devices.

A docking station greatly improves the connectivity of your laptop because it adds some extra ports to connect to additional monitors and peripherals. Although the majority of docking stations generically include display ports, USB ports, audio input and output jacks, and a network port, the types of the ports included, especially in the USB department, vary between models.

What is a USB Type C Docking Stations

USB Type-C is a smaller, reversible USB connector that can transmit data, video, audio, and data and provide charging power to multiple devices. USB Type-C is not the same as USB 3.1. USB Type-C is just a form of connector, and the underlying technology can be USB 2 or USB 3.0. There are devices using USB Type-C connectors, but still with USB 2.0 technology.

Laptops USB port are currently innovating very advancedly, the USB port turn it into a USB C connection to save space and also the part inside of the laptop. They even eliminating some laptop parts to look lighter and thinner.

But not all of USB dock have type C USB ports. If you have Surface Book 2, Surface Go, and MacBook 2020 (like I said above) also certain Dell XPS laptop, or any other devices that use USB type C ports you definitely need a docking station that supports those devices.

Best USB Type C Docking Station

So this is the part you choose which docking stations are the best you will buy. I’ll give you the best I’ve ever used. Maybe some brands will not exist or are empty, because the docking stations are sought by many people because the function is suitable for some jobs.

I will not give a review of a particular brand because I also compare the prices of some of the brands below from the most expensive to the cheapest in our opinion. I mean, the results of hunting and using USB type C docking station below with my friends.

Kensington SD4700P USB-C Dual Display Docking Station with Power Delivery

Kensington SD4700P USB-C Dual Display Docking Station with Power Delivery
by Kensington

It’s easy to set up, and all ports work. Once a random black screen display appears, a little longer. I haven’t found any errors while using it. The price is quite expensive, but the USB type C port is very helpful.

Dell WD19 180W Docking Station USB-C

Dell WD19 180W Docking Station USB-C
by Dell

The problem with this USB Type C Docking is with the fan inside, and there is no option to turn off the cooling fan. But I only found it when I just turned it on maybe because the USB C port cable is not good enough. In addition, it is a good solution for laptops that have fewer output ports, as well as a thin size so plus value.

Lenovo ThinkPad USB-C Dock Gen 2

Lenovo ThinkPad USB-C Dock Gen 2
by Lenovo

By running multiple screens and having many accessories, Lenovo gen 2 is able to handle it. I built this docking station for a week, and it does handle all the display ports that are in use, even when the HDMI port is in use as well.

HP USB-C Dock G5

HP USB-C Dock G5
by HP

This docking station in my opinion and some people are trying, very compact yet sturdy. Ports are ergonomically arranged so that no wires are everywhere.

Aside from the value to money being expensive, it really works well. 2 Display port of the device along with HDMI in addition to 2 USB lots. The device also charge the laptop so complete removal of any dongle

TOTU Triple Display Docking Station USB C Hub

USB C TOTU Docking Station 4K Triple Display
by Totu

This is a useful and well made item, also value for the money, but sturdy and compact. It looks like it’s going to last for years. Can be adjusted to the corners very practical. Supports more weight than laptops. In some ways it’s even too sturdy because it takes a little effort to adjust.

Targus USB-C Universal DV4K Docking Station

Targus Dual 4K Ultra HD monitor video Docking Station
by Targus

So I used this dock for my 2016 MacBook Pro, which will allow me to use 2 external monitors in extended mode. The result really happened, I mean this docking station from Targus managed to get me included in this post. Highly recommended.

USB C Dock

For my other recommendations you can get it below, relax, all this comes from Amazon and you can buy it if you think it suits you. But I suggest to compare with my recommendations above, so you will not regret later.

What I mentioned all the prices vary from $24-$170, so make sure you read the needs and specifications. Thank you for reading, if you have better recommendations please comment below and follow our Facebook account.

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