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Looking for a budget gaming mouse? If you just want to play games, mouse at a costly price and have a famous brand can be the answer. What if you need more than just playing games? Can your expensive mouse handle it.

I recommend mice with brand Redragon for you. I think their gaming mouse is amazing. Why? I will explain in more detail below.

Eastern Times Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996, the top 5 mouse and keyboard factory in China. It has a professional RD team with good experienced engineers and more than 10 years professional QC team, and a total of more than 1400 employees. Surely they are not ordinary Chinese brands. They also have almost the whole device for gaming.


Alright, enough with the history of this budget gaming mouse company. I use a wireless and wired mouse. Some have impressed me, gaming mice they have is better than some well-known brands.

Not only for playing games, but this Redragon mouse can be used to work as designing and doing computer simulations.

You can try some gaming mouse that I’ve used. I think this is the best list for gaming laptop, and the price doesn’t make you poor just because of this. For quality, I have to prove it myself, not only me but some people who use it also recognizes the power of this mouse.

Redragon M711 Cobra

redragon cobra gaming mouse

Gaming mouse with backlit 16.8 million RGB colors, adjustable 10,000 DPI, convenient handle, 7 programmable buttons.

That’s what I feel when I first use this mouse.

5 adjustable DPI levels are 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 5000. Everyday work or gaming, no problem.

This DPI can be adjusted from 100 to 10000. The DPI instantly matches the mouse speed with your gameplay demands.

In addition, this mouse has a mouse setting of Point Speed in its software. Not interesting?

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Redragon M801 Wired

This Mouse has a 16400 DPI (1000\/2000\/4000\/8200\/16400 DPI), to play games up to 12000 FPS. It has 9 programmable buttons, each 5 memory profiles with special light colors for identification. Of course this mouse uses cables, 6 feet.

It’s enough for you guys to move freely.

Gaming mouse cheap amazon, why? Compare with a wired gaming mouse with the same specifications, like Logitech G502 hero gaming mouse wired. This redragon mouse is much cheaper. Comfortable to use and cheap, what are you waiting for?

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