MSI GT63 Titan 8RG Keyboard Cover

In our opinion the GT63 Titan is still an epic gaming laptop. Why? becasuse this gaming laptop have a 15.6-inch screen. Used GTX 1080 GPU and 8 Gen Core i7 processor is a perfect specifications. 120-Hz good display, Dynaudio speaker, and don’t forget RGB-lit keyboard. Although this design is the boring side with a strange touchpad. And need a MSI Keyboard Cover. Still this is the best gaming laptop we ever used.

Weighing 6.7 pounds and a size 10.5 x 15.4 x 1.6 inch. This laptop MSI GT63 Titan also has a thicker chassis, but it’s not the toughest among its competitors such as Razer Blade Pro, weighing 7.7 pounds and 0.9 inches, and then there’s the Acer Predator Triton 700 with weight 5.4 pounds and 0.7 inches. Sure thing you have to get laptop skin for better protection in this laptop gaming.


What about the keyboard? Do you know, if MSI GT63 Titan uses aluminum material, and the keyboard is from Steelseries Keyboard brand. Meaning : this laptop keyboard is very valuable. Only one problem from our sight : the trackpad is too wide.

So how do you protect this MSI GT63 laptop keyboard? We will recommend a few keyboard protectors. So you guys can try it before everything goes wrong. Because some people choose not to protect the MSI GT63 keyboard carefully.

Soft-Touch TPU Protective Skin For 15.6″ MSI Gaming Laptop

imComor is part of the best laptop protector. The material used is also very good. This brand has made a lot of keyboard protectors for all brands of gaming laptops.

High quality TPU material made with premium, soft and flexible, healthy, and environmentally friendly. Ultra-thin, due to the very thin up to 0.13 mm to minimize distractions while typing, high Transparency allows the keyboard backlight shine. So you won’t realize there is a keyboard protector there.

Water resistant, dust-resistant, protect your laptop against liquid spills, dust, and other, resistant to wear, easy to be washed and reused. Maybe you guys will be confused, why my MSI GT63 type does not exist in link below, and you are scared if this screen protector will not fit with your gaming laptop. We’ve been using this protector. No big problem, fitting enough, and there is no worry about it.

Keyboard Cover for MSI GT63 Titan Gaming Laptop – TPU

Leze is a brand that you can count on. Why? because some of the keyboard protectors that we have are theirs. Good material, with the best warranty they provide. We feel very satisfied.

Typing easier, you will enjoy a light finger pressure, the feel of soft rubber that will not interfere with the typing speed. The real touch sensitivity and ensure the accuracy of the perfect touch. And the main thing is to protect your laptop against liquid spills.

Although the price is cheap, they provide the best guarantee. Easy service and they will not make us disappointed.

Ultra Thin Clear Keyboard Cover for MSI GT63 Titan Gaming Laptop Colorfull TPU

Leze still the idol of us to protect our GT63 MSI laptop. And this product uses a very thin coloured TPU, I mean really thin.

The most innovative layout design, with a thickness of 0.15 mm, ultra thin and colorful. Making MSI laptops become more ferocious by using this keyboard protector. What about resilience? safe from water spills, very easy to install. The main thing is the keyboard protector is very convenient to use for typing, does not leave squealing sound when the keyboard button is pressed. We really like this brand.

If you are looking for a warranty, that means buying this brand keyboard protector for MSI GT63 gaming laptops is the best solution, they provide a replacement warranty if the keyboard protector you ordered is not suitable, or is damaged. But of course with the requirements written on the amazon website page.

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