MacBook Pro Touch Bar Screen Protector

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Macbook Pro screen protector : Best Apple laptop ever had, the 15-inch Macbook Pro uses the MacOS Sierra Intel Core i9 processor and 32GB RAM, don’t ask for the speed, it’s amazing. Has 2880×1800 resolution, is very comfortable in the eye.

According to some people they said this macbook Pro quite disappointing, because this laptop is very expensive, old-fashioned, and a little problematic with thickness.

But what about the screen this Macbook Pro? OLED screen have a wide bezel, 2880×1800 resolution from the AMD Radeon Pro 560X GPU with 4GB of memory, a lot of criticism for this vulnerable screen.


We try to make screen of Macbook pro laptop safety and cool, and most importantly safe from sharp objects, dust, and of course protect your privacy.

We will recommendations Macbook pro screen protector, from best material to the safest for work outside the home.

Privacy Screen Protector for MacBook Pro 15 inch Touch Bar

Homy International, say to us if their product is the most good with premium materials from one of the famous brand in korea, they listen to what we want, the guarantees protecting Macbook Pro 15 inch screen we had, warranty and prove if their products are the best.


Which causes dry eyes and insomnia, relieve eye-strain by preventing visible reflections.
And finally you’ve got an excellent surface smoothness for your Macbook Pro display.


Privacy screen has a viewing angle of 30° to each side so that onlookers will see only a dark screen as they pass by.
Anti-glare screen coating and blue light filtering help to reduce eye strain.


All about prizes, for this Macbook Pro laptop, they provide keyboard protectors that can protect the keyboard from damage due to dust, water spills and sweat of your fingers, we think this is what you want right?

Screen and TrackPad Protector with Matte Film for MacBook Pro 15 Inch

Spigen, everyone likes it, their screen protector products are guaranteed quality with best film material, but, it’s just that we get a less satisfying product, but they are committed to our Macbook Pro laptop screen protector by replacing it with a new one, we love this company.

Use Matte Film material for screen protectors that we ordered from Amazon, and don’t forget the trackpad, protec from dust, sharp objects and your fingers, you will also get screen cleaners and microfiber cloth. Not complete the brand above, but they guarantee a new warranty replace, and make sure you read the procedure for returning goods.

MacBook Pro 15 Magnetic Privacy Screen and Anti-Spy

PYS, have heard of this brand, but it’s not a brand of laptop protectors, they made equipment for Apple both iphone and ipad and it looks like they started making macbook pro screen protector.

With matte film material, quite thick but easy to install on our Macbook Pro 15-Inch, maintaining our privacy while working outside the home, because this screen protector uses premium material, so it protects perfectly without fear of anyone peeping at video we watching, if you know what I mean, lmao.

Anti-Glare Film Compatible MacBook Pro 15

According to Yakai, their brand made a special screen protector only for Macbook Pro screen. Premium film material as a result of collaboration with LG Korea, producing a screen protector that is very fitting to protect your privacy.

This macbook pro screen protector not only provide privacy, but also protect the eye by filtering the 97% UV or ultra violet rays, and restricts the 70% of blue light, which can bad on eyes.

This protector also helps keep the screen safe from dust and scratches sharp objects that may occur.

The privacy effect will be darker from the right side, as well as the left, and clearer on the front side than the normal filter. Best used for public areas such as airplanes, airports, buses, offices, and access to your financial websites without worry, but don’t forget to adjust the screen brightness to get better performance.

Magnetic filters are perfectly integrated with MacBook Pro, allowing them to be installed precisely on a 15-inch Macbook Pro monitor screen and also easily removed at any time.

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