MacBook Pro Touch Bar Keyboard Cover

macbook pro keyboard cover

Keyboard cover for macbook pro : Find it here for more details about keyboard protector for your macbook.

Macbook Pro 15 is awarded by best design, easy to carry, and of course a fantastic price, just information for you who have MacBook Pro from Apple Co.

So this expensive laptop, do you guys have it? with a 15 inch screen, which you don’t know is, the MacBook Pro very profitable, why?

Because keyboard is the main part of MacBook Pro, even though it has a touch bar on the screen, but you realize that MacBook Pro really spoil you, don’t you?

And unfortunately we don’t have this MacBook Pro series, we borrowed it from our bos.


To protect keyboard MacBook Pro, you should spend money, very much. There are lot of Keyboard cover for Macbook Pro, and we tried all.

There are a few you should try.

And thanks to Intel’s latest Kaby Lake processors, the MacBook Pro has gotten even faster –

We will give you best keyboard protector recommendations, but prepare a lot of money and you can find your MacBook pro model number at the bottom case.

Premium Ultra Thin Keyboard Protector

One of our favorite products. Uppercase, durable and innovative.

Most of our laptop protectors use this brand, as we say you need a lot of money to own it.

Available in two versions, for US and EU, for all of you in the UK can use EU version.

Using Premium Thermoplastic Polyurethane material, this is not a silicone material but specially made to protect macbook keyboard from dust, coffee spill, and easy to washing, high transparency to preserve the elegance of your Macbook Pro.

Allows keyboard backlight to shine through.

Keyboard Cover Protector for MacBook Pro 15

JRC, have any of you ever heard of?

But their keyboard protector is very good, our boss use it for his Macbook pro. We think of the design and materials used are very good, reasonable if the price is expensive.

This keyboard protector is very fitting to protect the macbook pro keyboard for size 15inch.

Macbook pro looks very cool with a description above the keyboard, have 0.3mm thickness, waterproof, dust-proof, removable, washable because used Silicone skin for REDUCES THE SOUND of key switches. Very nice isn’t it?

This is not the best but very fit with your MacBook Pro.

MacBook Pro 2 in 1 Bundle Keyboard Cover

Top Case brand, ever heard its name?

Because they give 2 advantages at once, why? Besides you have your keyboard protector also get protective cover macbook pro, so like one shot and hit two birds.

NOT compatible with MacBook Pro 15″ before 2016 version.

Using silicone material for keyboard protector, safe for water spills, or dust when using macbook pro outside the home, nice design, very fitting with protective cover macbook pro.

In our opinion, pretty good and have hard mate for materials used, but easy installed on this macbook pro 15″.

MacBook Pro 15 (UK/EU) Keyboard Protector

Se7enline brand, Typeguard Anti-Bacterial Keyboard Protector, they call it.

For the old brand of course there is no reason to call their keyboard protector safe from bacteria, but easy to wash and made from good TPU material.

Without adhesive glue, so easy to install without leaving marks on your macbook pro keyboard.

Protective Case with Silicone Keyboard Cover MacBook Pro 15

iNeseon, is the protective laptop brands, we think is almost similar to Uppercase brand. Material used is very good, only design less attractive, but they’re making keyboard protector for macbook pro in Europe.

Interesting isn’t it?.

Compatible Model: Case only fit for 2016 New Released MacBook Pro 15″ Case with Touch Bar Model:A1707, and not fit for Macbook Pro 15″ 15.4″ Model:A1286; MacBook Pro 15″ 15.4″ with Retina Display Model:A1398.

Prepare your money to buy this product, because this keyboard protector can protect your macbook pro from dust or coffee spill.

You can also get a cover protector, save price an extra protection.

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