Macbook Screen Protector

I’m just looking for the best MacBook pro protection, especially for my 16-inch macbook pro 2019 screen protector. Why should the screen also be protected? Many reasons, and one of them is to keep your MacBook durable and safe.

There are already many screen protectors for 16-inch laptops, but I would recommend the one I’ve tried all this time. Some are good, some that I think still can’t protect my laptop screen. But the choice is with you, without a screen protector or buying one for your 16-inch MacBook.

MacBook Pro 16-inch Screen Review

This MacBook screen is very typical of Apple, I mean good. It actually has a 15.4-inch screen, and it’s a large retinal display and accurate colors. I think on this design they will use a lot of changes, but OLED and HDR screens on these laptops are still relatively rare. The 16-inch model is only slightly larger than the 15-inch model, but not so much that you compare it side by side, you’ll know the difference. If the 15-inch bag matches the 15-inch MacBook Pro, it’s the same as this 16-inch MacBook Pro. It’ll be appropriate.

Is MacBook Pro 16 inch Worth it for Screen Protector?

Many say this laptop is in the category of gaming laptops, I agree. With its capabilities, it’s a gaming laptop. Only for screens that are still less than 4K, but not a big deal. As long as I can play Minecraft and devil may cry here I’ve been very happy. But that’s not the case, is it convenient to use every day? To view a 16-inch unat protective display laptop. Because you all know the dangers of excessive laptop light to the eyes don’t you?

As I said, this MacBook pro screen can stay durable and safe if you use a screen protector. And be sure to adjust your needs.

Best MacBook Pro Protector

All talk about the best protectors for MacBook Pro, and are case, sleeve, and keyboard protectors. What about Screen? No one gives a good reference. As I promised above, I will give you the best recommendation I have ever used a screen protector for my 16-inch MacBook Pro.

Best Privacy Screen MacBook Pro

Best Blue Light Screen Protector Macbook Pro
By Unsplash

Some of the list I have are screen protector privacy. The best and from my own experience. But sorry, I didn’t get an image of my MacBook using privacy screen protectors, because I just replaced it with another screen protector. Just bought, at least 2-3 months replaced it even though the rule is 1 year.

Here is a list that I can provide for the best privacy screen protectors:

Best Macbook Pro Glass Screen Protector

Best Macbook Pro 16 inch Tempered Glass Screen Protector
By Unsplash

If you’re looking for something harder and thicker, maybe you’re an adventurer who likes to work outside the office. Thickness and clarity are the right choices, I have some references if you want.

Here’s a screen protector thick enough to protect the screen from scratches and when you unconsciously drop your expensive laptop:

Best Blue Light Screen Protector Macbook Pro

Best Privacy Screen
By Unsplash

The solution to block harmful blue light between 380nm – 490nm from the visible light wave range, this filter reduces eye strain when looking at your MacBook pro screen and gives you better sleep. Below you can try, I just tried the one from Amazon. Different websites different prices, make sure you get a good one:

MacBook Pro Matte Screen Protector

MacBook Pro Matte Screen Protector
By Unsplash

It uses a multi-layer construction and has great clarity while reducing glare to effectively relieve eye strain. If you like this type of screen protector then you should try the list that I made below. Not much but you can compare which one is best for MacBook Pro 16:

MacBook Pro Screen Protector Anti Harmful Radiations

Screen Protector Compatible with MacBook Pro
By Perfectsight

It is thicker because it uses 9H material from tempered and reduces radiation from MacBook screens, especially blue light that makes us unable to sleep soundly. It’s like a combination of some screen protectors, and some lis not intended for a 16-inch MacBook Pro but the recommendations I gave should have fit and matched the laptop.

Here’s what I can recommend, it’s quite expensive compared to other screen protectors but the results are amazing:

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