MacBook Pro Keyboard Cover

Get best MacBook Pro keyboard cover 16 inch. Keyboard protection is very rarely noticed by MacBook pro owners especially 16 inch size. So how to protect laptop keyboard from dust, water spills, or food that can happen while working or just doing activities in front of the laptop.

From my experience using keyboard cover, it is very extravagant. I can change the keyboard cover 2 times a month. Because it has to find the right one and match my MacBook pro. And now I will share it with you.

MacBook Pro 16 inch Keyboard Review

Keyboard cover for MacBook pro 16 is already many and easy to find. You must have it too, but are you satisfied? I mean by quality and durability? I don’t think so, because you guys is looking for MacBook pro 16 inch Keyboard Cover here. I would give recommended for you. So you can thanks me letter.

Better performance and amazing sound. Produced in 2019, is a new generation of previous MacBook Pro. Not cheap, as many improvements, from a wider keyboard and better performance specifications. The keyboard of the MacBook pro being the most important part of this laptop. The 16-inch Macbook Pro uses a keyboard shape that changes some people views about this laptop.

Should I Get a Keyboard Cover For MacBook Pro?

To be honest, no keyboard cover is required. But if you guys are messy people, and tend to spill drinks on laptops, then that causes problems. Buying a keyboard cover really depends on you and how you use your MacBook.

I have bought a cheap keyboard cover from Amazon, because I think whatever the quality the result is just to protect my keyboard. Using it for a few days but then removing it because a keyboard cover with poor quality could slow down my speed for typing which is sometimes really annoying.

And if you use a MacBook for work and then you also eat a drink on it, then I would suggest buying it, That’s if you want to keep your MacBook pro completely clean.

Best MacBook Pro Keyboard Cover

The best recomedation is what you’re going to get. This year there have been many good qualities and brands, but I will give you what I’ve bought and used. The list below can be your comparison so that you not buy a keyboard cover carelessly. MacBook pro is very expensive so I hope you guys really keep it durable and safe.

Uppercase GhostCover Premium Ultra Thin Keyboard Cover Protector for 2019 MacBook Pro 16

Uppercase GhostCover Premium Ultra Thin Keyboard Cover Protector for 2019+ MacBook Pro 16"
By UpperCase

I think it fits perfectly with the keyboard of MacBook Pro 16 2019. Thickness is only 0.12mm due to minimize interference during typing. It’s true. Made with premium engineering class TPU material, because for MacBook pro so they adapt with the new keyboard. Good. Transparency is also very high as it seems to be made to preserve the elegance of macbook pro, and can be washed, reused. Warranty? I didn’t see in a note when I bought it on Amazon.

EooCoo Ultra Thin TPU Keyboard Cover EU Layout Compatible with 2019 Macbook Pro 16 inch

EooCoo Ultra Thin TPU Keyboard Cover Compatible with 2019 Macbook Pro 16 inch
By EooCoo

I recommend this as it is perfect for the 2019 Macbook Pro 16-inch retina display with touch bar and touch. European version (EU), some of my friends say this is probably the most suitable and fitting. Very rarely encountered, this european version of the keyboard cover has a thin size with good TPU quality. For some brands there are thinner but this one is still better. Somehow when I’m tried all keyboard cover, this the most comfortable to use typing.

Amovo Keyboard Cover and Trackpad Protector Compatible with MacBook Pro 16 inch 2019

AMOVO [2020 Upgraded] Keyboard Cover with 2 Pack Trackpad Protector Compatible with MacBook Pro 16 inch 2019
By Amovo

Using premium TPU material with Engineering Grade, when compared with the uppercase, this material is more refined. Can protect against liquid spills, stains, dust, and easy to wash. Sticking and fit with my MacBook keyboard, what’s interesting is that it comes with a trackpad protector. A great bonus for me who never uses a trackpad. I am a mice user of laptop.

XSKN Arabic/English Keyboard Cover Skin for 2019 MacBook Pro 16

XSKN Arabic/English Keyboard Cover Skin for 2019 MacBook Pro 16

This brand provide Arabic and bilingual English designs, so you can rely on letter instructions to improve learning and memorization. Especially if you live in the middle east or work there.

Manufactured using high-quality silicone materials. This design is like each button is formed individually and printed specifically on clear silicone, the look looks professional. During using it I found if this keyboard protector is also durable, very thin, at least it is not just me who feels that way, and this is what I like the most: it is easy to wash.

Mosiso Keyboard Cover Compatible with MacBook Pro 16 inch

MOSISO Keyboard Cover
By Mosiso

Mosiso uses premium engineering grade silicone materials, very thin up to 0.3mm. Appearance will not hurt the screen and make it easier to type. Very flexible and washable, in addition this keyboard protector gets a 1 year warranty.

Don’t forget this cover keyboard pattern, very unique with the famous painting “Great Waves Kanagawa”. Perfect, the color is also slightly dark bright and feels smooth. Too bad that the backlit keyboard on my 16 inch MacBook pro is hidden by the pattern itself.