Lenovo ThinkPad X260 Privacy Screen

lenovo laptop screen protector

I’m curious with Lenovo laptop screen protector in Thinkpad X260. Laptop with 8GB of RAM, Core i5, and 256GB SSD.

Why these cool notebook price under $1000? And why I should buy a protector for the screen?

According to what I read, this laptop has advantages such as a comfortable keyboard. Although not as comfortable as your girlfriend, LMAO.

After I try it, the results were very surprising, in addition to the form of old model but appear strong because have screen 12, 5inch and weight 3.6 pounds.

IPS screen resolutions up to 1920 x 1080 with extra money, of course, I’m sure you guys love this laptop.

This laptop has passed test MIL-SPEC 810G means that it is safe to take long trips

But for the screen, should be protected as well?


There are many brands and types protective screen laptops, mostly they use 3M glass film with a thickness varying for materials, different sizes and types of screen protector.

In the market, have few that had best quality with cheap prices.

According to our experience this laptop already has a body that hold if it falls and jolts, but for the screen? I guess not.

If you want use this Lenovo Thinkpad laptop screen protector below, there are some recommendations that we already used.

Screen Protector Oleophobic AFP Clear Film for Lenovo Laptop Thinkpad X260

Healing shield, This screen protector product for Lenovo laptop uses the best materials from Japan, even they claim to be the best of the best.

When trying this screen protector product, Olephobic Film material does look good, our Lenovo ThinkPad laptop screen becomes very clear, and its does not make feel hot in the eyes.

To install it’s also easy just follow the instructions in the wrapper of this lenovo laptop screen protector, and woalaa, a miracle happened.

Even I can installed it my own.

Screen Protector Anti Glare + HD Clear Guard for 12.5 Lenovo Thinkpad Laptop

If you are looking for an anti-glare and clear screen protector, this it3 brand is the answer.

We are pretty sure of the results given by this product, because they gave us two choices between anti-glare or clear protection, of course we chose both, the results were very satisfying, our laptops became dust-free and safe from scratches.

I did not find any difficulties in the installation, only I had to choose to use anti-glare or clear protection.

Because Lenovo laptop screen protector has a different thickness, clear protective thinner than the anti-glare protector.

I don’t like anti glare screen, makes me to increase the brightness and make my laptop battery run out quickly.

Privacy 2-Way Anti-Spy Filter Screen Protector Film Compatible with Lenovo ThinkPad X260

Celicious, become the most commonly known brand, not because of the quality but the cheap price.

We don’t think this brand is bad, because some of the laptops that we have use screen protectors from these brands, besides cheap price there are also a lot of bonuses.

For quality we really can’t talk much because this screen protectors for lenovo ThinkPad uses PET material that we think is pretty good enough to protect from scratches, dust and our privacy.

For installation it’s a bit difficult, because the material used to attach screen is different from other brands.

If the Lenovo laptop screen protector prioritizes protect from scratches and privacy, there’s nothing wrong with asking someone for help, right?

Privacy Filter for Lenovo ThinkPad X260

3M brand, only available in the UK and it is very difficult to get this lenovo laptop screen protector, they are clearly using a very good material, and they added set slide mounts, very easy to install it because is assisted by slide mounts that can removed, so can you install it yourself?

Calm down, they provide guidance on how to install properly and correctly in the package.

Using 3M material obviously our laptop screen is super duper safe, scratch-resistant and of course safe for the eyes.

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