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And now you will try to find best Dell laptop keyboard cover here. But first, we will review XPS 17. Of course you have read about or have a Dell XPS laptop before you decide want to buy a keyboard cover, right? I hope you’re reading this till end.

Dell XPS 17 Review : Pricing And Keyboard

Dubbed the world’s best 17-inch laptop that retains the throne. Dell XPS 17, coming back into the premium and this brand new laptop market of the XPS 15 has flexed its muscles at every turn, serving huge piles of performance, a head-turning 17-inch screen, and excellent audio. And it has done so without being bigger or heavier than an average 15-inch laptop.

For £2,751.14 it will surely leave you broke only the deepest buyers clutching their wallets who can afford to taste this latest laptop. If you are curious please check the price of the Dell XPS 17 at the Amazon UK store for yourself. Unit has a 2.3-GHz Intel Core i7-11800H processor with 32GB of RAM, a 1TB M.2 NVMe PCIe SSD, an integrated Intel UHD Graphics GPU, an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 GPU with 6GB of VRAM and a 17-inch, 3840 x 2400 touchscreen display.

But don’t worry this XPS 17 laptop also has a cheap price, with $ 1,799.00 you can get this laptop in the Amazon store, but I warn this is a renewed laptop. You can find it here >>> Refurbish Laptop for sale. I hope it doesn’t sell out, with a warranty from Amazon of course, and ensured has a strict checking certificate.

This stylish keyboard from the Dell XPS 17 is large, well-spaced and a little comfortable, barely avoiding distracting sounds while typing, you know what I mean. I easily tap 65 words per minute on the typing test (a great site to check your typing skills). Bright white backlights, easily let me type in my bedroom with the lights out.

But how can you protect this important part from dust, food, or spill drinks when used to work or play games.

Best Dell Laptop Keyboard Cover for XPS 17

Back to the original answer. The best brands to protect this laptop keyboard are already very much, and my job is to try one by one, which is the best of these brands.

What we’re talking about is of course some brands that you’ve already bought, it’s just that I’m making it easier to find them for you. So I hope you keep reading this until the end and choose one of the keyboard cover you want. And we only work with volunteers too who give us a complete review of the brand, we’re doing this because we don’t want you to be disappointed when you’re buying a keyboard cover for XPS 17.

Leze Keyboard Skin Protector – TPU

Leze Keyboard Skin Protector - TPU
By Leze

Made with premium silicone material. Ultra thin, still not thin enough in my opinion, reusability, durability and perfect finishing features for the XPS 17. I wouldn’t call it the best product of leze, this is a regular product that really helps protect my XPS 17 keyboard. With 4 sticker patches on both sides. It fits perfectly for my Dell XPS.

So why did I put it on the best list? Because it functions more than any other similar brand. Of course, with the weaknesses, this protective keyboard brand remains the best in its class. They should make it even thinner but it works very hard to protect your keyboard from splashing liquid and you can easily remove it.

Ultra Thin Keyboard Cover for 2020 2021 New XPS 17 9700

Ultra Thin Keyboard Cover for 2020 2021 New Dell XPS 15 9500 9510 15.6 inch Laptop, New XPS 17 9700
By imComor

0.13mm ultra-thin thickness to minimize typing interference, the high transparency film lets the keyboard backlight shine through. The high precision fits every key of the XPS 17 keyboard, all-in-one protection as it protects the laptop from spills, dust and more. Easy to wash and reuse is what matters.

It’s perfect, it doesn’t get in the way of typing although it can sometimes be lifted. Some people say the fingerprint part is cut roughly, in my opinion it does not look straight, but the function given is more than the bad thing. And remember to check the shape of your XPS 17 keyboard layout, whether US or EU. Because this keyboard cover only for US layout keyboard, so make sure it is first before buying it.

Vaxson Keyboard Film Protector compatible with DELL XPS

compatible with DELL XPS 17 9710 17" Keyboard Protective Film Cover Guard
By Vaxson

This brand is only available on Amazon UK, it’s called a universal keyboard cover because not only the XPS 17 but almost all Dell XPS keyboards are compatible with this cover. Why is it the best, because the material used is very good, and its function is also able to protect the laptop keyboard from spills and dust.

For the price of £14.99 I think this keyboard protector is too expensive. But they guarantee that if this keyboard protector fits the latest Dell XPS it’s easy to wash and you’ll get 2 keyboard protectors for that price, maybe you can give it to your family.

CaseBuy Keyboard Cover for 2020 New Dell XPS

CaseBuy Keyboard Cover
By CaseBuy

I feel no need to doubt this brand, other than it has been proven from some laptops that I have using the Casebuy brand. No, I’m not part of the casebuy but indeed this keyboard cover protects my laptop keyboard well. Especially for people like me who like to eat and drink in front of a laptop.

So this keyboard protector is actually compatible for XPS 15, but you can use it for the newest XPS 17 too. It fits very well and is precise in my opinion, besides that the silicone material can be washed with soapy water and make it new again. Place it back on the keyboard when it is dry enough. And don’t forget CaseBuy’s 6 Months Risk Free Replacement guarantee, if you feel this brand isn’t what you expected.

Mubuy Keyboard Cover Design for 2021 2020 Dell XPS

Mubuy Keyboard Protector 2021 Dell 17 inch
by MuBuy-Gol

Mubuy keyboard protector is made with non-toxic silicone and they say it is durable premium grade using Anti-fade coating. It can protect the keyboard from dust, water, accidental spills. The thickness is only 0.3 mm (0.01 in) and this minimizes distractions when I type using this keyboard cover.

The main drawback of this brand is that the fingerprint reader is not exposed directly through the skin, this also means that the fingerprint will not work. I tried cutting the lock cover to expose the reader button. No big deal, just for those who use the unlock finger will be a bit difficult in my opinion, but for something else I give two thumbs up.

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