Get to Know the Best Laptop Screen Protector

best laptop screen protector

laptop screen protector is included in the accessory’s category. But the screen protector also has an important function for your laptop. In addition to protecting the screen from scratches, there are still have other functions and other types of screen protectors.

One of them is to protect your laptop screen from dust, or fingerprints. which you will not realize may damage or obstruct the screen of your laptop screen.

That is why a screen protector is an accessory that is needed enough to avoid damage that might be happening in the future. You can adjust it to your needs.

Best Laptop Screen Protector

Here we will discuss one by one, the types and functions of screen protectors so you will know the best screen protector for your laptop.

Plastick, Semi-glass and Tempered Screen Type

The first is the type of screen protector that is most often used and the most basic is the one that protects from scratches. This type of protector also has several types among them, which is the one made of plastic and semi-glass.

They both are industrial touch screen protectors. The price of the two, of course, different, depending on the quality they have. The ones made of plastic are not always cheaper than those made of semi-glass.

The main purpose of this protector is to save the laptop screen from scratches and marks from the keyboard. Besides that, both types of screen protectors are also glossy and matte. You can determine it according to your tastes and needs.

Nano Liquid Screen Type

The second type is the nano liquid protector. This type of protector is pretty unique because of the unusual shape and method of using it. Unlike other types of screen protectors, where you need to install it first. For this one you only need to spray it on your laptop screen.

After you automatically spray the nano liquid will form a layer that is not visible as your screen protector. This very unique way to protect your laptop screen. Unfortunately, it can only be used for a clean surface. So, before you use it, make sure you clean your laptop screen first.

Even so, if you are a simple person and like practical things. This type of screen protector or screen guard will be very suitable for you, because of its fairly easy application.

Anti-Glare Screen Type

The third type that popular on the market is the anti-glare screen protector. This protector created specifically in addition to protecting the screen and is also used to make your laptop screen adjustable under any type of lighting.

Even if your laptop was placed in the sun or brought in a low-light indoor place. Laptop will keep showing a clear and visible graphic with no flashback or reflection.

The advantages of this anti-glare screen protector are the lightweight, and the matte surface to avoid fingerprints.

You also need to do a research first in advance which brands of screen protectors you want to find the best anti glare screen protector for laptops.

Privacy Anti Spy Screen Type

The last is the anti-spy screen protector. This type of screen protector is a good one because it can protect your privacy when using a laptop anywhere.

If you wear this type of protector, the person next to you will have difficulty to see what are you doing on your laptop. This is perfect for you who maintain privacy and want to protect your privacy from others.

With this screen guard or screen protector, of course, you will feel more comfortable in writing, watching, or whatever it is when you use your laptop. From those four types of screen protectors, you can adjust which one that suits your style and your needs.

You also have to consider the price, is it worth it or not. And if you use normal types that require you to stick it on your laptop screen, of course, you need to do a research first by look on the internet or if you don’t mind to spend more money you can look for shops or places that provide a service installation to attach the screen protector to your laptop screen.

How to install a laptop screen protector

But if you want to save your money more, you can easily follow the steps below to install the screen protector by yourself in a proper way.

1. Clean the LCD screen of your laptop. Do this to remove the dust or oil that attached to the screen of your laptop is completely gone.

2. Take the screen guard or screen protector. The screen guard has two sides on it and it has a piece of information Before and After, and both layers can be peeled off.

3. Choose the before to attach the screen protector.

4. Install it slowly and wipe it use a flat medium to flatten it. If there is an air bubble or the protector is loose, you can put it back then wiped it again.

5. When everything has been attached. Flatten it by rubbing it again until it is completely sticky and the air bubbles disappear.

6. Remove the outer layer of the screen guard or the one that marked After.

That’s the six easy steps you can follow to attach your laptop screen protector by yourself in the easiest way.

Once again, you can choose whichever type of screen protector that you want to use, and in what way you want to installed. Choose one according to your taste and according to what you need is.

And by reading this article I hope you can now easily choose the type of best screen guard for your laptop.

The best nano liquid protector, the best transparent-basic type of screen guard or even the best laptop privacy screen. Whatever it is I hope you got the best one.  

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