Kensington USB Dual Display Universal Laptop Docking Station

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If you need to connect your laptop to several devices such as mouse, printers and scanners. Then the Universal laptop docking station will make it easier.

Many laptops only have two USB ports. Which means they can only be connected to two devices at a time.

Do Laptops Need a Docking Station?

With the Dock Station, you only need to make one connection to the laptop. And see how this docking station works perfectly closes the lack of USB for your laptop.

The next easiest is you just need to unplug USB out from the laptop to the docking station.

Best Universal Laptop Docking Station

If you often see kensington brand amongst your friends notebooks, then you also will familiar with this docking station brand of kensington.

If you are looking for the best laptop docking station, don’t expect with some many brand. You should make sure the functions and needs. Kensington SD3600 is the newest product and already get best review for several online and offline web also IT Solutions in the world.

Have Dual HD Video Output

Have a DVI port and an HDMI port. You can expand your workspace and enhance productivity by adding 2 external screen.

Kensington SD3600 have HDMI which is can directly connected with the display. And DVI ports which can also be connected directly or through additional converter adapter DVI-to-VGA or DVI-to-HDMI.

The intuitive display this docking station management console is located in the application bar. Allows you to easily switch between display modes, change the main monitor or adjust the alignment and position of your screen

dual display docking station

With this Universal laptop docking station you can use the dual screens by playing games while watching movies.

Or doing work while watching videos made by your daughter.

Without having to add a converter directly to the laptop that makes the VGA port not optimal and damaged.

Easy Layout Settings Without Problems

Dock station can be mounted on the back of an external monitor that is compatible with the VESA plate size 75 mm or 100 mm. Allowing you to keep your desktop computer doesn’t look cluttered.

4 Port USB 2.0 In One Docking Station

Use the 4 USB ports for connecting all Your peripherals productivity accessories such as keyboard, mouse, or printer. It also helps keep the wired or wireless receiver settings remain hidden from view. And it doesn’t require a lot of ports are directly plugged into the laptop.

Any Compatible OS?

Works with Windows-based computers (updated firmware for Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and XP) and limited support for MAC OSX from Version 10.6 (Leopard) up to Mountain Lion release you can see this Display Link website for more details.

Difference With Other Docking Stations?

What is the difference of this universal Kensington docking station with another brand, in addition to having the same function and technology.

According to the techradar and lapmag website,

  • Kensington docking station is not too expensive and has many USB ports than other brands
  • Doesn’t require large electrical power (5V)
  • Have a good warranty support
  • Doesn’t support USB type C
  • For windows 10 must download different software from their site

How do I Connect My Laptop to My Docking Station?

Kensington Docking Stations can be used on netbooks, laptops, and desktops that running processors from Intel Atom N270 to single, dual, and quad core CPUs.

Universal laptop docking station

But how to connect this Universal docking station with a laptop, l will explain it for you on the simple way.

  • Plug docking station USB 3.0 on the laptop USB port
  • install the software from Kensington docking station website or CD’s from the pakages
  • Make sure the laptop docking station is on

For help and instructions on how to correct installation, you can go to this website

Best Place to Get this Laptop Docking Station

Many electronic or computer places that are close to you, and online stores like Ebay, Amazon or maybe your local online marketplace. Anywhere you can get this docking station.

Don’t forget to search for the deals or get the best discounts so you can save more. Or you can immediately check the price below, and get the best buy prices.

Because we work with Amazon to provide competitive products and prices. I suggest comparing the prices of other laptop docking stations first.

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