HP Omen 17 Screen Protector

HP omen 17 protector

Omen HP gaming laptop with a 17 inch screen and you need HP Omen Screen Protector for this gaming laptop.

When viewed from the specifications, playing 4K games is definitely cool.

Design of this HP Omen improvised a lot with their 17 inch screen, not only the keyboard that looks more fierce, but their 4K screen that makes everyone love it.

I’m sure you have an Omen HP laptop not for playing games all day, but also doing school work or do a job from your boss, it doesn’t matter if you use glasses with, but what if you use this laptop all day without a glasses?


And you are looking ways to make your laptop safe, from people who like to peek at what you are doing on your Laptop? Very important?

The HP Omen 17 screen is not only large, but also fragile. So we recommend maximum protection for this gaming laptop screen.

Below some screen protector that you guys can compare, we use all brand below to find out which one is better protect our HP Omen 17.

Privacy Plus 4-Way Anti-Spy Filter Screen Protector Film

a privacy protective screen featured for HP Omen 17 Laptop
Best Privacy Protective Screen

Celicious is great brand, almost every product always sold out, even though some are less good. This brand uses film material complete with technology to protect the screen of your HP Omen 17 laptop.

Is a 4-way privacy screen protector that helps protect sensitive information from thieft. By narrowing the point of view, so that the screen can only seen by you. Through Micro-Louver technology that make black screen. At 45 degree angle on both sides of the screen lights, without blurring or distorting view.

This screen protector is designed to offer privacy, when viewed from portrait or landscape. Privacy Plus technology also attaches firmly to screen with advanced silicon-based adhesive layer. That offers a smooth shiny surface, without damaging screen or keyboard.

Anti Glare Screen Protector Guard for HP Omen X 17 Gaming Non-Touch Laptop

This it3 is Hong Kong brands. Not the best product to protect our laptop screen.

But thier believe that every product they make uses very good material, like this screen protector for HP Omen 17.

Their film material is equivalent to 3M brand.

This product is capable of reducing the UV rays that are caused by the light from a laptop while playing a game, so it’s safe. Using an adhesive made from Silicon, we try to put up and take it off, had to ask for help.

The surface layer of protective screen is reached 3H, good to protect from any scratches.

Matte Screen Protector for HP Omen 17

Brotect Matte Screen is a new product for HP Omen 17 screen protector, with 9H film material, this product makes us curious.

We noticed that the size was very fit with 17 inch laptop screen. Installation also easy, there wasn’t much adhesive left on the screen, but cleaned screen first with water.

The main function is to protect screen from blue light, that make eyes irritated. Its also makes our laptop screen more dark, so we have to adjust the brightness again. For price, I think it’s still cheaper than other brands.

Screen Cover for HP Omen 17 with Anti Reflective

Vikuti 3M, you don’t know this brand?

This brand uses 3M film material which is famous for the best material. This screen protector for the HP Omen 17 is also anti-reflection.

So it’s not a problem with playing games outside the home.

With appropriate cuts just for the HP Omen 17-w012ng series, designed for the non-curved area.

Protector Film HD AntiReflection Coating FX Screen Protection

AtFolix is a brand that cannot be looked down on, they have long been making laptop protectors.

The material they used is also very good. 8H thickness film is proof of their seriousness with the laptop screen protector market.

Free of glare and hard coating. That’s what we saw on the screen protector for HP Omen 17 laptop.

Increased screen resolution has made the development of anti-reflective protective films needed.

This screen protection is also equipped with a very smooth and very dense surface structure. Safe from scratches and also safe to play games outside the home.

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