HP Omen 17 Case Protector

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HP Omen laptop case is necessary to protect your gaming laptop. Especially for those laptop with a size of 17 inches.

HP has given the Gaming Omen 17 laptop a very surprising design change, from solid carbon fiber material that is safe and worn from previous iterations.

HP has chosen to dare and try exploring.

Carbon fiber will only on the lid, because most of the panels are made of black plastic, and the rest are made of plastic which is a bit rough. Removing the premium looks of the HP brand itself.

For the interior, HP use aluminum black to make it look more ferocious than the previous design.

Since this is a gaming laptop, looks premium will make it ridiculous.

Keyboard design makes the look very futuristic and modern, but we just didn’t see protection for other gaming laptops.


Weight of 8.2 pounds, body size 17.7 x 12 x 1.3 inches, this gaming laptop is in the middle. Even HP Omen 17 is lighter than Alienware 17, it’s worth it if this laptop requires additional protection.

We will give recommendations for HP Omen Laptop Bag, and of course we will update more, so that you can feel secure when carrying it out.

Or when your friend, sister or brother borrowed and use it with coarse.

Laptop Case – 100% Waterproof Pouch Sleeves

Aqua Quest, have designed and tested this waterproof laptop bag since 1996, and all products from Aqua Quest are protected by a ‘No-Worry Guarantee’ for two years.

Very light, using best material and double zippers.

This laptop protective bag product claims to protect our laptop from rain and spilled drinking water. But we don’t see it that way, because when we use it for travel and has come heavy rain. Our laptop is wet, maybe from a less tight zipper they make, we’re also not sure about that.

For materials we give 10 from the standard values ​​of 1 to 10, if only drizzle, our laptop is fine.

They give our guarantee if this HP Omen Laptop Bag fails to protect, and send it a new one. Good brand.

Backpack 17 Inch Anti Theft Black – Waterproof With USB Charging Port

I don’t know with you guys, but this laptop protective bag from Outop is perfect for us, not too big but very good for protecting our laptop.

With 18 inch size, it can load all equipment, make it safe from rain, even we played in the rain, but our HP Omen 17 laptop was not wet.

Oxford material is very suitable to protect the laptop from bumps, suddenly drop, and anti-thief.

OMEN X by HP Transceptor Roll-Top Gaming Backpack

Latest from HP, protecting and stylish, that’s their concept, and we choose this backpack because of the function and also looks cool when we used.

See the video below and we’ll tell you guys, why should buy these backpacks.

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Has a lot of space for all equipment, it also enough for headsets, safe pockets to protect from card hijack, anti-RFID technology.

Not afraid in crowded place because this backpack also has anti-theft technology.

Using waterproof material, its safe to walk on rainy days.

In our opinion, comfortable. that’s all friend.

Extra Large Business Backpacks with TSA Friendly

Laptop Backpack from Matein UK
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If you live in london, and need a laptop backpack for the HP Omen 17.

Matein, might not big brand that you often hear, but their backpacks have made us fall in love.

Has a design and function that fits our desires, why?

Because this bag protects well, not complicated with airport affairs and other checks.

Main function might be the large space for equipment other than laptop.

I am very confident using this backpack.

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