HP Omen 17 Keyboard Cover

keyboard protector for HP laptop 17

HP Omen keyboard cover: HP uses a backlit keyboard to their latest gaming laptop, i.e. HP Omen 17. If you already use keyboard protector, surely you guys chose the safe.

So that keyboard HP Omen 17 more secure and durable for who has not used a keyboard cover for your HP omen.

Better you read this until it’s finished.

Omen 17 has best performance with Nvidia powerful GTX 1070 GPU and Intel Core i7 processor, a large 17 inch monitor with sporty look.

I’m sure there many changes to this series, compared to the previous.

With carbon material, especially for the keyboard lights that makes fierce because color of the lid is so bright, but doesn’t make eyes hurt when lights on.

There are some parts made of plastic and look fragile. But don’t worry, this laptop still have best performance for play HD games.


How do you handle this keyboard HP gaming laptop for more secure?

We recommend using right HP Omen Keyboard Cover. And of course, this would making your gaming laptop more look cool.

Ultra Thin TPU Keyboard Skin for HP OMEN 17

CaseBuy uses TPU material for their keyboard cover. Your HP Omen 17 gaming laptop will look safe with their premium TPU material. Thin but very neat and perfect to protect the keyboard.

If you are busy playing games and don’t care about the keyboard being dirty and dusty because you often play games outside the home, this protector is perfect for you. Safe your keyboard from drink spills or breadcrumbs and whatever you eat when using an HP Omen 17.

Keyboard Cover Compatible for HP 17

FORITO has its own class for laptop protector, materials they use is best TPU, they even provide a warranty. Using this protector, your keyboard will be safe from all dust, spill drinks, and your sweaty hands.

With only 0.1 inch thick, this HP Omen 17 Keyboard Cover is easy to wash, and doesn’t leave glue stains on keyboard. Don’t forget the lifetime warranty given by Forito, because we need it.

Keyboard Protector for Laptop 17 Inch Series

Who doesn’t know Bodu brand? This Chinese brand has been around for a long time to protect your precious laptop.

Use a TPU material, has been tested, and of course we also tried this Bodu keyboard protector. I hope they pay us by writing this.

The TPU material used is so thin that you won’t realize if your laptops keyboard is protected safely from dust and sweat from your fingers. They also claim that this Keyboard Cover is very soft and easy to install itself.

17 inch Laptop Keyboard Protector Cover Thin Waterproof

We tried some keyboard protector for HP Omen 17, this is the one that we have used. Made of thin silicone material, only 0.2 cm. It is suitable for HP Omen 17 keyboard.

Because it is made from silicone material naturally waterproof, safe for you who like to drink in front of a laptop while playing games. How to wash it easily just rinse with water only, do not use any soap. There is no warranty whatsoever for this keyboard protector. But I make sure it’s worth the money spent.

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