How to Make Laptop Battery Last Longer

laptop battery

How to laptop battery care? Because what makes laptop batteries run out is extreme use. Such as playing games, processing video, and multitasking.

There are several things that can be done to extend the laptop battery. Some may have you do, but how does that work?

Here’s how to increase your laptop battery life.

The ability of laptops is now more reliable, has fast performance to support productivity both work and design. However, this sophistication certainly must also have a super battery.

How do We Protect Our Laptop Battery?

So how do you keep your laptop battery durable and long lasting, here are some of the ways we usually do, some might surprise you, it turns out that simple methods can also make laptop batteries more durable.

Disable Applications that Run in the Background

If you use Windows 10 this is the simplest way, because windows 10 come with various default software that sometimes we don’t use. If only being a trigger for the battery being wasteful, it’s better to disable this application.

You just need to go to Settings > Privacy > Background Apps.

Change the power settings

The next way is to activate Battery Saver mode. Windows 10 has two choices of modes, including Battery Saver and Normal Mode.

This feature is effective in saving laptop battery, it will automatically manage battery consumption Windows applications that are opened.

How to activate it?

Go to Settings > System > Battery > Battery saver settings, then slide the percentage according to what you needs.

What about laptops that use Windows 7?

It’s easy mate, just change the power plan, Control Panel > Power Options.

You will find 2 alternative power plans, if you don’t want to be complicated with the power plan settings, just select the Power Saver section, it has made your laptop battery more durable.

Why laptop battery drains fast?

The two ways above are actually enough to make laptop batteries last longer, but don’t make laptops stop consuming batteries quickly, so how do you make the battery last longer and not run out?

I’m sure you have read some tips and tricks about laptop batteries, such as this TechAdvisor and PC World site. If that method still not successful, please follow this easy methods.

Use Portable Laptop Power Bank

Why should I use a power bank?

Will it not damage the laptop battery ?

Well, I understand you are worried that your laptop will be damaged, but if you use a laptop outside, then your battery runs out.

Do you directly charge the laptop power to the power source?

For a new laptop it might not be a problem during the first 3 months, what about those of you who have owned a laptop for 1 year?

I’m not sure the laptop is resistant to a charger with a broken electrical protector, right?

Portable power bank for laptop

Besides its function of saving electricity and helping those who are working around, or the electricity is off.

This portable power bank can also make laptop batteries more durable and safe.

Use Solar Charger Panel

Ever felt a laptop battery run out but your charger was left at home? It must be very annoying isn’t it.

Then can you use solar power to charge laptop batteries?

The answer; Of course you can.

Wait, what? But how?

Purpose Solar charger from Amazon

Buy a solar charger, that’s the way. With different volt sizes, the solar charger is quite easy to use, and some of advantages you can get besides helping your laptop batteries last longer.

Don’t worry about your laptop will damaged because overcharged, it wouldn’t.

Click here for other advantages of solar charger :
  • Charges your laptop with full protections
  • Over-voltage protection
  • Over temperature protection
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Auto current limitation protection
  • Stable charging experiences
  • Can use slide switch to change output voltage between 12V 15V 20V

Weakness: too large if taken anywhere, but if you use car I don’t think it is a problem.

We always keep the Solar Charger in the car trunk and this tool really helps us.

Don’t forget they also provide a full warranty if a problem occurs. Laptops safe, solar chargers also safe.

That the right way for Laptop Battery Care

Go with Solid-State Drives

If you have a laptop more than 2 years, and laptop batteries quickly discharged, perhaps it is time replace hard drive laptop with Solid State Drive (SSD), that more efficient electricity and light.

What is a solid state drive?

Solid State Drive (SSD) is a solid-state storage device that uses integrated circuit assemblies as memory to store data continuously.

Sometimes called solid-state disk devices, even though SSD do not have physical disks. ( Wikipedia )

There are 3 brand that we think the best, i.e :

Samsung 860 EVO 2.5 Inch SATA III Internal SSD

Samsung Solid State Drive for laptop

Specially designed to improve the main performance of laptops. With V-NAND technology, this SSD is fast and reliable.

It has a reading speed of up to 8 times higher than the Samsung 850 EVO series.

Able to store and render large 4K videos and 3D data used by all the latest applications.


WD Blue Solid state drive for laptop

Use active power, up to 25% lower than the previous generation WD Blue SSD.

You can work longer without fear the battery quickly runs out, while a read speed of up to 560MB/s and give speed you want for the most severe applications.

Have warranty 5 years.

Kingston Digital HyperX FURY SSD SATA 3

HyperX FURY offers high performance, affordable price, make faster in the game, increase boot time, load applications, and execute files to improve overall response.

HyperX FURY presents NAND BOM that make it consistently high performance for beginners and experienced users.

Buy Replacement Battery

Laptop Battery Care

Then what if a laptop is rarely used? will the use of the above way be useful? of course, there are only additional tips that you can try if the laptop is not used for a long time.

Or you go all day without bringing laptop, because the laptop battery remains active even shutdown.

Cold temperatures are usually not a problem to a certain point, and storing batteries in cold places is highly recommended.

But do not let the laptop battery in freezing temperatures. Too cold can also damage the battery permanently.

For MacBook, activate Power Nap so that you can make your Mac in sleep mode without worrying about eliminating important work, which allows you to save more battery life.

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