Find Best UV Light Wand Sanitizer


Among the most popular protective equipment is UV light sanitizing wands, which promises to destroy germs easily using only ultraviolet radiation. Not only that, the use of inefficient wet tissues also makes UV light an alternative to clean laptops and other equipment.

It’s no wonder that the outbreak of the COVID-19 around the world made people look for anything that could possibly protect them. Including while working, of course masks and handwashing is one way. But what about the gear you use every day to work? Likes Smartphone, laptop, or 2.1 Tablet you have.

I bought some UV light that is on Amazon, not much because I would use to experiment whether my laptop is safe from viruses covid19 or better do it with wet tissue that uses alcohol.

Best UV Light Sanitizer for Laptop

What is UV light? And how does it work? So ultraviolet (UV) light is a type of electromagnetic radiation. One particular subtype, called UV-C, has a wavelength of 280-100 nanometers. Able to damage viruses and bacteria as well as humans by disrupting their DNA/RNA. A hospital uses a large UV lamp to sterilize the room after used by patients who affected COVID19.

Ultraviolet are certainly very harmful to the human body as well, but if using them for objects or appliances that are not protected from bacteria and viruses, this tool is very useful.

There are various forms and also prices for an ultraviolet light, this is influenced by how it is used. If you want your laptop to be safe from viruses use when you are done working out, or when you visit some places with bring your laptop.

59s Portable UV Light Sanitizer Wand

This tool is the most popular of the other ones on Amazon. Brand from 59s, made in China apparently, I used it to clean my laptop keyboard and my smartphone. I read the usage guide first to get an effective way of cleaning the virus and also a safe use position for me.

Very lightweight & Portable, equipped with a charging cable. It’s easy to use, because you just click the button and wave over the object you want to sterilize for 10 times. It is said to kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria as alcohol is still 0.01% fixed on the surface. Instead of wiping alcohol will damage laptop, the UV wand are much easier & safer than other sanitizer.

The disadvantage of this tool is its cost more expensive than other UV light, but the result is indeed remarkable. If size matters to you, this sanitizing wand is not what you’re looking for. I also bought a sanitizer wand that is easy to bring in pants pockets, keep reading my post here.

QiSa UV-C Portable UV Light Wand

As I said, I bought a sanitizer wand that was easy to carry, meaning in its size. Small but very useful if you travel using laptops and smartphone, as well as tablets. This product based on the experience I used it for one week was perfect.

Clean in just 5-10 seconds without damaging any surface, make a laptop and other equipment is not toxic, no residue, and of course there is no smell. With Size: 12.5 * 3.5 * 2.5 cm, weight only: 65g, and this wand using battery power and USB power too. Easy to carry, ensuring you have a working trip in a clean place from COVID19.

It’s safe because equipped with a gravity sensing device, which automatically cuts power when the light shines upward, thereby preventing damage to the eye.

The price is worth it according to my experience, cheap but functioning clean laptop and smartphone easily. No need to bring wet wipes everywhere again.

Seizehe Portable 5W UV Sanitizer Wand

For those of you who travel often, carrying equipment such as laptops or smartphones, coupled with a threatening covid19 virus. I think the product of Seizehe, China is the right answer. Why? Is this the best uv light wand?

I did not answer the best, as it is also one of the light sanitizers that I bought on Amazon, the results did not disappoint. Easy to use, small, and the price is well-matched with its function.

Not so sure can this greatly help kill Coronavirus, but many science journals have proved that UV rays can inhibit the growth of baterials and viruses, so it makes me feel more comfortable. Plus I also often use laptops outside my work room. Always I bring in the laptop bag.

How to power? Already rechargable, with a built-in 750mAh Li-Po battery, it uses a USB type-C charging Port, and can be used continuously for 150 minutes.

Seizehe part of mini UV light wand

For the price already includes protecting the laptop and smartphone appropriately. The only problem is that charging is too long, can be almost 5 hours once charging only to neutralize all parts of the laptop for 3 days. If using a powerbank may be troublesome.

HamiltonBuhl HygenX VRay sanitizer

HamiltonBuhl VRay Designed for portability with rechargeable battery features. Capable of hands-free and Portable operation, VRay can be used to sterilize anywhere.

The safety Sensor turns on when the unit is turned on, and VRay turns off automatically when the unit is tilted 30 ° in any direction, to prevent exposure to the skin and eyes, ensuring exposure is only for sterilisation targets like my laptop. There is also the option to turn off the safe mode to enable the sterilization of strange and larger-shaped objects. But I do better to keep it alive, because it only cleans laptops and smartphones.

For a reasonable price, I think using this UV light is very beneficial, otherwise it also makes your equipment safe from viruses and bacteria. I have a chance to try this Vray, the result is very satisfying, my laptop so safe from covid19 just by once using it.