dell alienware Screen Protector

Computer screen protector easier to find than screen protector for alienware m17. Many laptop companies focus on making laptop display guard, except gaming models.

Screen Protector Necessary

Do laptops need screen protectors? For gaming laptops are usually not necessary. But for Alienware m17 R2 you need to think about this expensive gaming laptop, there’s no harm in protecting the screen, right?

So screen protector for Alienware m17 R2, that have weighs 5.7 pounds, and the actual screen size is 15.7inch. It’s hard to find a fit screen protector for this laptop. Lucky you have Amazon, the largest marketplace in the world has stock.

Which Screen Guard is Best for Laptop?

If you’re talking brand, it’s going to be fun. Because not all brands are good, according to the type of material used and also the accuracy of the screen size of the laptop.

For there are several types of screens, you can search for them according to your wishes here.

How Big is a 17 inch Laptop?

For Dell alienware m17 R2 which has an actual size of 15.7 x 11.6 x 0.7~0.8 inch. Big enough to carry around, but almost all gaming laptop screens are above 15inch.

While the screen protector size is only up to 14inch, this is why I say alienware m17 R2 is very difficult to get a screen protector.

Best Screen Protector for Alienware M17 R2

Good thing I was able to give recommendations for alienware m17 R2 screen to be safe and not easily damaged.

Please read below, maybe this is what you’re looking for.

Forito 17.3 Inch Laptop Anti Blue Light and Anti Glare Screen Protector

Forito 17.3” Laptop Anti Blue Light and Anti Glare Screen Protector - Screen Protector for Alienware M17 R2

The 15-inch size is suitable for 17.3″ with Aspect Ratio 16:9 laptop. It features a blue light filter, Anti Glare, Anti-static, to relieve eye fatigue.

My experience using this screen protector, it’s pretty good besides the anti glare is also perfect. I don’t feel the blue light filter because I already use my glasses if use laptop.

Overall, the performance is good as in terms of still having a clear screen without glare, as I said the anti glare is perfect. Just a problem with peeling off the outer layer makes this a problematic product.

Celicious 17.3 Inch Privacy Lite 2-Way Screen Protector Film

Celicious Privacy Lite 2-Way Anti-Glare Anti-Spy Filter Screen Protector Film Compatible with Dell Alienware M17 r2

This brand is already very active as a screen protector for alienware m17, but mostly expensive.

I’ve always loved the 2-way landscape mode privacy screen protection film type designed specifically for the Dell Alienware m17 R2, narrowing the viewing angle to 30 degrees on both sides of the screen. Matte surface with anti-glare features, it’s the best. Then a strong silicone-based adhesive to stick well.

Be careful when installing, that’s all my advice. I was forced to buy again because when installed first failed, the second still looks dirty mixed with dust. My second purchase, I asked my friend who did the installation. The result fits perfectly.

Lapogy 17.3 Inch Matte Laptop Screen Protector

17.3 Inch Matte Laptop Screen Protector,Anti Glare Filter and Anti Blue Light Screen Protector

When trying it may be slightly different from the size of Alienware m17 R2, but only a slight difference with the screen. Within the allowed limits. At least that’s what I experienced, buying this screen protector brand with a size of 17.3 inches.

Film material self-adhering or without glue. Interesting, attached to the laptop screen. There is no leftover glue on my display screen when removing it and it says it can be repeated paste and use. I only put it up once and took it off once.

The size is tolerable, still enough for alienware m17 screen. But the installation must be patient, I installed it myself so it takes a little time.

Universal Anti Blue Light and Anti Glare Screen Protector Fit 17.3 Inch

Universal Anti Blue Light and Anti Glare Screen Protector Fit 17.3 Inch

Matching the name, this screen protector for alienware m17 can also be used for some laptops with a size of 17.3 inches with a ratio of 16×9. Alienware m17 has a ratio of 16×9 on its screen. So yupp, this brand can be used for Alienware m17 R2.

This screen protector uses Oleophpbic Coating technique or with oil coating separation technology. It can separate oil, sweat, and water in everyday use, you just wipe it with a clean cloth to make it new.

Some friends who use this protector for m17 say, its products need to be improved. But there is a blue light filter, so it does not get tired quickly when playing games. The size is also appropriate.