Dell 13 XPS Screen Protector

dell xps 13 laptop

Difficult to find screen protectors? Don’t worry, because at Amazon you can search for Dell XPS 13 screen protector easily.

Do you have the old Dell 13 XPS, forget it. Because the latest one will amazes you. With elegant white design and golden touch, a very lightweight material makes Dell 13 XPS laptop looks stunning, not to mention the screen size 13.3ch but without any limit.

Without limits? I mean stunning display shape with 13.3inch size and pixel density 3840 x 2160 (4K, Ultra HD) for touch screen, not touch screen resolutions has 1920 x 1080.

Top Screen Protector for Dell XPS 13

Both models offered impressive brightness, color quality and sharpness, though the 4K screen was noticeably better –

Many brands and types dell xps 13 screen protector use 3M glass film with a varying thickness, different sizes, and types in the market, but few had best quality and cheap prices.

we will recommend to you best dell xps 13 screen protector

Dell XPS 13 Screen Protector Tempered

The best brand with a good product, HealingShield from Korea, don’t forget price they offer.

I will not give more details, because by click the title you can know the quality. Using best material with a thickness clearly this screen protector is scratch resistant.

Very suitable for Dell XPS 13-9370 only. Maybe you need to check your Dell laptop if you want this product. They also offer lifetime warranty for screen protector that you buy.

Dell XPS HD Clear Screen Protector

First use Brotect brand, because we interested in their material from japan, why? Because japan has a good quality standard for product release.

Thick PET Film material, free from bubbles when installed, I don’t see any easy way to install it, so you have come to the experts.

With a thickness of 4H makes this material is perfect, super clear protective film material, a clear view of all content on a laptop screen and a scratch-resistant, and of course durable surface used on Dell XPS 13 screen laptop. Just enjoy it.

We used for Dell XPS 13-9370 and other 13 inch laptop, maybe there will be a little distance, but it’s not a big problem for us. Installation is quite easy because there are instructions in the package.

Privacy 2-Way Anti-Spy Filter Screen Protector

Celicious brand is best for our Dell XPS 13. Not because we’re stingy, but because in our opinion. Only this brand represents and protect the screen of Dell XPS 13 laptop perfectly.

If you are looking for a screen protector with best service, it means this brand is suitable for you. Why? because this 2-way privacy screen protector film designed specifically for the Dell XPS 13 9365 (Touch Screen)

Used PET material and 3H Privacy screen thickness. The glossy surface offers a smooth glass-like texture which of course protects scratches or collisions on the screen. The 3H Privacy screen is protects confidential data by narrowing the angle of view up to 30 degrees on both sides of the screen when the laptop is in a horizontal orientation.

Best Dell XPS 13 Screen Protector UK

This screen protective is well known for their material and easy installation, either on your laptop or smartphone.

Protection Film for Dell XPS 13 2018 Anti-Reflective – Matte

AtFolix is promising for make screen protector. Have thickness 3H, but look thin and clear. Don’t ask the material they used, because this screen protector uses professional quality control.

With anti-dust and anti-scratch clearly belong to this brand, in fact all PET Film has it all. But unlike the other brands, they use a thin material for matte protector, the results do look clear, but if used outside, then this Dell 13 Screen Protector is going do the job.

Anti Glare Screen Protector for Dell XPS 13

it3 certainly not an ordinary brand, they have a large enough factory in Hong Kong, and I think they have made screen protectors for all laptop brands.

Like this Dell 13 screen protector beacuse their use of matte material which is made of two layers of film and put together with technology from Japan.

As a result, the thickness makes our Dell XPS 13 anti-scratch, anti-glare without fear of seen from the side, because we all need a privacy, right?

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