Cooling Pad for MacBook Pro

vacuum cooler for macbook

A cooling pad for MacBook Pro may not be an essential peripheral for it; however, with a cooling pad, you can extend the life of your precious hardware and prevent a serious damage from occurring.

Overheating is one of the most common causes of laptop damages. Fortunately, almost every modern laptop, especially a MacBook whose physical features are carefully guarded by Apple, can handle heat quite excellently.

Best Vacuum Cooler for Macbook Pro

As long as you use your laptop properly and do proper maintenance to it, overheating never becomes a problem. However, proper use and maintenance are not the favorite chores of every MacBook Pro user, so a cooling pad or vacuum cooler might be necessary as a failsafe solution during your laptop utilization.

Below are some recommendations from Amazon that you can try, we have tried some cooling pad and vacuum cooler below. There is a suitable for all MacBook Pro series, but best for other laptop brands, the attractive of cooling pad for MacBook Pro is its expensive price, but if it manages to protect from heat, why not?

Hagibis Ergonomic Laptop Stand Small Invisible Cooler Ball

There are generally two options available if you want to buy a cooling pad for you’re MacBook pro:

A cooling pad with fan or without fan.

Your laptop has already had an excellent cooling system, which will work excellently if you always put your laptop on a flat and clean surface when you are using it. The breathing space underneath the laptop allows a perfect air circulation and prevents overheating.

If you can provide this space, you mostly don’t need an extra fan.

This Hagibis cooler ball creates that space whenever you cannot. It doesn’t include any built-in fan, but when the golf ball-sized magnetic cooler ball is separated into two half balls, you can use the half balls as your laptop stand to raise it and to create enough space underneath it without compromising the comfort and convenience of using the laptop, hence ergonomic.

This ball has an anti-slip feature due to its magnets, so you can use your laptop with excellent stability when you use this ball as its stand. They also call by the Ergostand Cooling Pad.

Lamicall Portable Slim Laptop Cooling Stand Holder Riser with 5 Fans

If you need the traditional cooling pad that includes built-in fans to further improve the air circulation, you can use this Lamicall cooler.

The slightly slanted platform of this cooling pad provides a flat surface for your laptop regardless of the surface where you use the laptop. There are five fans included and their speed, as well as the pad’s height and slant, can be easily adjusted. Two USB ports are included, one for powering the pad through the laptop’s USB connection and the other port for USB peripherals connection. Slim, light weight, for allowing you to take it with you whenever you go, and don’t forget the blue LED indicator at the rear, its confirmed the cooler is active or not.

This cooling pad, however, is not best cooling pad for macBook pro 2019 because the USB ports don’t fit on that model. Also this is best cooling pad for gaming laptop too. So for you who have laptop gaming and likes to playing games all day, this can be the best cooling pad.

Opolar LC05 Laptop Cooler with Vacuum Fan

What I see is opolar vacuum cooler very well to reduce heat of the MacBook Pro, this brand is already widely used by some of our friends who also recommend Opolar as the best, not like a cooling pad for MacBook Pro. But this vacuum cooler can also be combined with a cooling pad that you have at home.

Rapidly reduce heat from the surface and internal temperature between 18 to 50 F degrees in a much better minute than the cooling pads. Especially if combined, the result will make you amazed. Solution with easy installation, Plug and Play. Using 3M adhesive with patented clamping arm, keep this cooler attached to the laptop while moving.

Designed for laptops or MacBook Pro that have air vents on either side or back, ideal for Gaming laptops. Not recommended for MacBook air or other ultrathin notebooks that are thinner than 0.4 inches.

Havit Laptop Cooling Pad

Laptop Cooling Pad
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If you often hear about products from Havit, this is one of the best, this cooler has been tried by our friend for his Macbook Pro. Use this on 13inch MacBook Pro 2018 and had some problems with overheating, the result was not too bad.

With 3 fans large enough to produce a cold that can cope with overheating issues on the laptop, especially the Macbook Pro, the shape is sleek and also not noisy. Moreover, there is also extra USB port and Power switch design. Built-in dual-USB hub allows for connecting more USB devices. High-quality, multi-directional iron Material makes your laptop safe and stable when used. I recommend to try this cooler.

By size, this laptop cooler is perfect for 15-inch laptops, the most suitable gaming laptop, but also suitable for your Macbook Pro which has begun to feel overhot when used to work.

Klim Pro Laptop Cooling Pad

KLIM pro cooler pad is actually not a new product, some from this brand are already known in several country, many use this cooling pad for gaming laptops especially. But I used this for my Macbook Pro 2018, only lasted 2 years because of some things that made me have to buy a new cooling pad. I feel this product is very fit compared to my new cooling pad.

Fans is very fast, with quality material, suitable for all models of laptops and Macbook Pro. Works great, I cannot even hear the fan. Only one issue that is the design of the USB connector. The outer edge is a very bad design as the part that extends out with the other connections has extremely sharp corners. For some users it is sliced their finger, so must carefull when using it. I myself have never been sliced it while using this product.