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So recently Im answer what is best cooling pad for MacBook Pro that asked me last night, by email. But first why cooling pad? Isn’t macbook pro very stable for heat. That’s what I had in mind, and then I realized “hey, wait a minute, I also use a cooling pad Back when I was using a MacBook pro”.

Why I say MacBook hot or warm is stable, because the MacBook pro that came out in 2018 already has a good cooling fan. But that in my opinion. And in this Apple Support article, Apple explains the problem and why you should use a stand. But I didn’t use it I bought a cooling pad. The results were good enough to make my MacBook pro last longer.

Was discovered by a YouTuber named David Lee, if I’m not mistaken, who tried the MacBook Pro with an Intel Core i9 processor for video rendering with Adobe Premiere software. When starting to rendering looks very high using CPU. Then laptop performs “throttling” a.k.a. lowering the processor speed to cooling down the hot from CPU. The rendering process takes 40 minutes. To make sure that the problem is overheating, he try re-run the same video rendering. But this time he put a MacBook Pro laptop in the refrigerator. It turns out that completing rendering in faster time is only 27 minutes.

Why is the MacBook Pro with Core i9 overheating? Probable cause is the laptop design. Its thin, and have minimalistic casing shape but it sacrifices airflow in the internal component space.

Best Cooling Pad for MacBook Pro

Overheating is one of the most common causes of laptop damages. Fortunately, almost every modern laptop, especially a MacBook Pro whose physical features are carefully guarded by Apple, can handle heat quite excellently. As long as you use your laptop properly and do proper maintenance to it, overheating never becomes a problem. However, proper use and maintenance are not the favorite chores of every MacBook user, so a cooling pad might be necessary as a failsafe solution during your laptop utilization.

A cooling pad for laptop MacBook may not be an essential peripheral for it; however, with a cooling pad, you can extend the life of your precious hardware and prevent a serious damage from occurring.

Hagibis Ergonomic Laptop Stand Cooler Ball Portable Magnetic Foot Heat for MacBook Pro

Laptop Stand Small Invisible Cooler Ball Portable
by Hagibis

There are generally two options available if you want to buy a cooling pad for MacBook pro a cooling pad with fan or without fan. Your laptop has already had an excellent cooling system, which will work excellently if you always put your laptop on a flat and clean surface when you are using it. The breathing space underneath the laptop allows a perfect air circulation and prevents overheating. If you can provide this space, you mostly don’t need an extra fan.

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This Hagibis cooler ball creates that space whenever you cannot. It doesn’t include any built-in fan, but when the golf ball-sized magnetic cooler ball is separated into two half balls, you can use the half balls as your laptop stand to raise it and to create enough space underneath it without compromising the comfort and convenience of using the laptop, hence ergonomic. This ball has an anti-slip feature due to its magnets, so you can use your laptop with excellent stability when you use this ball as its stand. 

Lamicall Laptop Cooling Pad Riser with 5 Fans

Cooling Stand pad for MacBook Pro
by Lamicall

If you need the traditional cooling pad that includes built-in fans to further improve the air circulation, you can use this Lamicall cooler. The slightly slanted platform of this cooling pad provides a flat surface for your laptop regardless of the surface where you use the laptop. There are five fans included, easily speed adjusted. Two USB ports are included, one for powering the pad through the laptop’s USB connection and the other port for USB peripherals connection.

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This cooling pad not compatible with MacBook pro 2019 MacBook Pro because USB ports don’t fit on that model. But you can adjust the converter USB to used it.

Pccooler Laptop Cooling Pad Stand with 6 Angle Adjustable

Portable Laptop Stand with 6 Angle Adjustable for Macbook pro
by Pccooler

This cooling pad laptop is perfect for MacBook Pro, with a 2.5mm metal mesh surface to provide excellent airflow, and increased heat dissipation. Laptops with thin design are suitable to use this cooler. Support of 5mm metal material with stable and safe structure. In addition there are also 6 angle high and low setting features that can be customized for various work environments.

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This stand laptop is equipped with 4 with 85mm fans and 1 fan 110mm very quiet and very strong gives air flow, takes heat quickly when I use it. The cool thing is there are 10 blue LED lights. My MacBook is like a gaming laptop.

Targus 4-Port USB Hub Cooling Pad

Targus Portable Chill Hub and Chill Mat with Fan Ventilation Prevents Overheating, 4-Port USB Hub, Rubber Grips, Cooling Pad for up to 17-Inch Laptop
by Targus

It has a dual fan to help keep your laptop cool and a 4-Port Hub for connection to laptops and other ports. lets you use as a laptop with an external keyboard. Then there’s the 4-level Adjustable Height feature, and a sturdy material, iron construction that looks durable.

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Targus is a brand that is well known for its good and durable products, so it’s not wrong I recommend this brand. It costs between $64 -$80, but I can assure you this cooling pad can be relied upon to keep up with the heat of the MacBook Pro.