Best Laptop Cooling Pad

Best cooling pad for 17 inch gaming laptop, that what I want to discuss. All gaming laptops definitely need additional cooling to make the game run smoothly, of course. But what’s best to keep your laptop cool?

Playing in a cooling room may not be the best way, at least you need a thick jacket. I never played games in thick clothes despite the cold air. Just rely on the laptop cooling pad.

Having a laptop for daily use is surely requiring special treatment to make it last longer and years. Every laptop has a particular limit of working that you should be concerned about.

The problem is, where I bought a cooling pad for a 17 inch laptop.

Amazon Cooling Pad

Anyone will search the Amazon. I have to compare prices first. Why? Because the 17 inch cooling pad is not cheap.

If you search on Amazon and don’t find what you’re looking for, maybe you should stay here and find what you’re looking for, of course I’ll give you a link for the best 17 inch cooling pad for you.

Do Laptop Cooling Pads Work

Adding a cooling pad for your laptop is maintaining the heat of laptops when you are using it. It’s functioning to cool the temperature of the laptops.

For me it works, it all depends on the selection of brands you buy. Also some specifications that you can find. The best is certainly not cheap, but that works well and is suitable for laptops, you can read my recommendations first.

Are Cooling Pads Worth it for Gaming Laptops?

I read some recommendations from the website, if there are some brands that are good for gaming laptops. Among them are Havit 5 cooling pad, and Cukusa MSI GP65. It’s been reviewed by several websites, which I like is Very nice and clear review given.

I myself use Alienware M17 R2 laptop to try several brands that I have prepared. The results do work well, but there are also those that do not affect the performance when used to play games. There are also fan who are very noisy when playing certain 4k games.

Best Laptop Cooling Pad

It is necessarily used for doing some activities such as gaming, editing photos and videos, and many more. The game processor will work harder so that it causes heat.

You should choose the best laptop cooling pad 17 inch to use. 

Havit 5 Fans Laptop Cooling Pad for 14-17 Inch Laptop

Laptop Cooling Pad for 14-17 Inch Laptop

The first is havit 5 code HV-F2068 cooling pad. There’s no particular reason I bought this brand, except because my Alienware is 17 inches.

Why Havit 5 HV-F2068

Reading forums and finding this brands is very popular in gamers nowadays. So there’s no harm in trying, right?

Big Fan

The fan is very smooth, not noisy. Laptop performance is also stable. This cooling pad is also equipped with cooling and vacuuming inside the laptop.

Roller Speed

It’s what I like, so I can set the fan speed. When I use it works like writing an article or creating a design. I don’t need high speed, and when playing games I just have to increase the fan speed when the keyboard part of my m17 laptop starts to heat up.

Of course with high speed the fan will consume a large amount of electrical power.


Actually I hate to make a review of this section. Almost the same as other brands, fan speed will begin to decrease if you wear it every day, and there is no warranty for fan replacement. The only way is to replace it yourself and buy a replacement fan. But the performance will go down a little bit.

But this cooling pad is not a refrigerator. Or going to fix a faulty laptop. It can complement the laptop cooling system, not replace it. It doesn’t matter if you don’t use this cooling pad, depending on whether your laptop is damaged quickly because of the heat of playing games or not.

IETS GT300 Double Blower Laptop Cooling Pad for 14-17 Inch

Double Blower Laptop Cooling Pad for 17 inch

One of the best laptop cooling pads for 17 inch laptop is IETS GT300 Double Blower.

It’s suitable for laptops in the size of 14 to 17 inches. It has some positive features making you enjoy using this cooling pad.

You have to be concerned about some things before buying it. It needs to check the performance of the cooling pad holes where it transfers the cooling breeze or not.

Though it is guaranteed, it is not wrong to always check the current condition. You should consider the anti-slip on the cooling pad whether it is comfortable or not. 

Reasons for Using IETS GT300

These are some reasons why you should use this laptop cooling pad 17 inch. It has some great features and components working effectively.

Sealing Rubber Ring 

This feature is supporting a cooling process. You can improve the cooling process with this component. The seal ring and also blower is designed to create a leading cooling.

It is suitable for the laptop of 14 to 17 inches with the best choice for gaming laptop cooling. 

Air Filter 

The next component is an embedded air filter. It is very effective to filter dust. It appears with two air filters preventing dust inside of the laptops. The air filter is easily cleaned and assembled if you want to fix it. 

Seven-Color Lighting 

The next component is its lighting. It has seven colors for the lighting, four light modes, and turn off lights. 

Bracket Height 

It is designed ergonomically with the adjusted bracket height. It is adjusted to prevent damage to your computer. It eases you to set comfort during using your laptop. Those are positive reviews of the best laptop cooling pad 17 inch. 


Because this is the best laptop blower for gamers. But there’s no denying this is still very low if my gaming laptop does a lot of process including 4k games, but it’s not a problem to make a design. Stay careful and understand what you are going to buy.

Cooler Master NotePal X-Slim Ultra-Slim Laptop Cooling Pad

Slim Ultra-Slim 17 inch Laptop Cooling Pad

From the rating, this brand is the best. But it’s 173.2mm max height, and thin. I don’t wear it for Alienware m17, but my macbook pro. The area and fan speed are also just right. Because this cooling pad only has one fan.

Reasons to Use Cooler Master Brand

Of course because they are already famous, for gaming laptop accessories and computers. For cooling pad laptop this brand also are very good.

Have thin shape and also the speed is suitable for the use of load design. I recommend this.


Cooler Master is thinking of inserting a dedicated channel on both sides to route the USB power cord through excellent planning.

However, there are cables that are not winding enough in the specified gap. But it’s no big deal.

For 4k games the process will take maximum fan speed, and be a little noisy. What’s amazing is that the laptop performance remains cool, possibly cooler than other cooling pads.

Afmat Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad

afmat 17 inch Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad

Similar to GT300, but with better performance. Uses a speed of 4500rpm with 2 fans. Has an ergonomic design. Of course because it is made for gaming laptops.

Why Should this brand

No one knows what kind of gaming laptop maintenance needs. But the cooling fans of most gaming laptops have started to diminish if used every day. And this brand makes it run cold.

Not demeaning a particular brand but this cooling pad might be able to shift the best.

Air Tight Seal Ring

A little information, this brand uses a very good fan flow and makes the whole laptop hardware not hot.

The right position creates a circular airflow according to the shape of the laptop and makes cool important parts such as processors and graphics cards.

Two Baffles

This is what’s interesting about this brand, using a doble buffer. Gaming laptops become safer, don’t come off easily, and don’t slip.


the blowers are crazy loud even on the lowest setting. While I work on my laptop I normally have headphones on so I can’t even hear it.

Still for the price point, they really should be using blowers that don’t produce so much noise, but I won’t be returning due to the fact that this brand performs so well.

Thermaltake Massive Laptop Notebook Cooling Pad

Thermaltake Massive Laptop Notebook pad

Thermaltake is an old brand that has the number one quality, for some products it is used for gaming computers. So it is not wrong if I recommend this brand.

Reasons to use Thermaltake Cooling pad

As my friend told me, thermaltake makes a cooling pad. I’m sure they made this cooler for gaming laptops. With a 200mm fan that can be installed and detached on its own, this cooling pad also has a width for a 19 inch laptop.

Mix & Match Color

The color of the lamp can be replaced to my liking. Just push the button and the lights will change. Easy. The lighting is the best part of the device, and even that is just to good compared to the RGB lighting in every other device in my setup.

Keeping it on a solid shade of red makes it really nice with my desktop, but putting it on any of the other modes is just, I don’t know what to call it.


The sound, noisy, only within 24 hours after I used it. I realized this cooling pad had a single fan, and it was already the “bad” part. So get used to listening to the roaring fan.