Asus ROG GL552 Screen Protector

Asus rog screen protector

Let see Asus ROG? Find the Asus ROG screen protector for this type of gaming laptop. We know you love 4K games have great graphics, but you don’t have any cash. Don’t worry guys, Asus ROG GL552 is the answer.

This cool laptop like the God of gaming tool, but still less popular with MSI or Alienware gaming laptop.


Using intel core i7 processor-6700 HQ CPU, 16 GB of RAM and 1 TB hard drive. Price is also quite cheap, but have number one quality chart. Has a 15 inch screen resolution of 1920 x 1080. Damn, so can you imagine?

Weakness : is to hot. For me? That nothing matter.

The answer its screen protector.

Webcam which is slightly blur, screens are easily scratched. Because gamers like you has no time to clean it up. We are sure about that.

Then, how do you guys need to clean the sharp material that could make scratches on the screen?

Trust me, we are not a protector screen seller, only recommend the best for your Asus ROG. Without you, do cleaning the screen.

Privacy Screen with 4 way Protector Film Compatible with Asus ROG GL552 Series

Celicious is from UK, this brand are well-known you know, don’t say you live in London but never used their products? Wait what?

Celicious is best laptop screen protector maker, using the best materials, and designing them according to your wishes.

This laptop screen protector has 4 ways to protect your privacy, and is designed for that.

Use micro-louver technology that blacks out the screen at an angle of 45 degrees.

Also have Glossy surface with an Oleophobic Coating offering smooth glass-like feel. So what you waiting for?

Matte Anti-Glare Screen Protector Film for 15,6 Inch Laptop

I will not discuss this brand again, but you guys have to try this. One of the best laptop screen protector.

Its thin, but can protect our Asus ROG from the glare of sun while playing games on outside.

One word : Amazing!!

Anti-glare coating improves screen visibility in ambient light by significantly reducing screen glare and mirror-like reflections -Celicius

If you doubt it, you can directly contact they customer services through this link : Celicious Support

Anti-Shock Shatterproof Screen Protector Film for Asus ROG GL552 Laptop

Celicious, I think the best screen protector of Asus ROG GL552 series laptop belong to this brand. As evidenced by some of other laptop protectors for Asus ROG GL552 we use, none as good as this brand. Material used is not only high-quality film, but also the design. In our opinion is very fitting with Asus ROG GL552 laptop. I hope you guys also use it.

This screen protector using high shock absorber specially designed for laptop ASUS ROG GL552. And of course, using technology of multi-layer film Shatterproof too that absorb. Distribute, and eliminate a direct impact to the screen this laptop Asus ROG.

Screen surface so shiny, with a hydrophobic coating. Smooth as glass, and protect laptop screen from scratches of sharp objects. Using adhesive silicone-based so make this screen protector very sticking on the surface screen without making bubbles on it.

Asus ROG Screen Protector with High Clarity & Anti Scratch

PcProfessional is not ordinary brand, they make best quality laptop protector. If you using one of their products, maybe you guys don’t need to read this. Just go and buy it.

Used clear film material, we didn’t realize we had installed it on our Asus ROG. This protector has 15.6 inches and was perfect for ROG GL552. If you decided to buy this brand. Actually this screen protector for other Asus ROG types, but doesn’t matter as long as the screen is same.