Asus ROG GL552 Keyboard Cover

best keyboard cover asus ROG laptop

Is the keyboard cover for Asus ROG laptop required? Gaming Laptops don’t guarantee everything lasts long, especially the keyboard part.

This gaming laptop uses intel core i7 with 16 GB of ram, with VGA NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M with 2 GB GDDR5 VRAM then the screen created 1920 x 1080 pixels, very sharp with the screen size is 15.6 inches. And this makes you amazed.

But if you have a Alienware gaming laptop you guys will sigh ..ummm? Why? Because this Asus ROG laptop have a weakness.

So for some people add a protector when using this Asus ROG laptop and keep it clean from grease, dust and possibly you spilled with coffee. Yes it could be.


Asus ROG GL552 keyboard using plastic material. It feels rough enough, because it’s used for playing games.

This laptop keyboard is designed not be slippery and easy to feel with fingers. That’s just my opinion of course.

Because I use this laptop work, so I feel uncomfortable.

Below are some of keyboard protector that you could possibly try.

We’ve tried and we make sure this keyboard protector is fit with your Asus ROG gaming laptop, so you can try it.

US layout Keyboard Skin Cover for Asus ROG Laptop

Asus ROG keyboard protector from BingoBuy. With more orange, and certainly makes the display of the Asus ROG laptop became more colorful.

And there will be no dust and sweat from hands stick to keyboard keys because these keyboard protector make sure you get the best.

BingoBuy Keyboard Cover for Asus ROG GL552VW GL552JX Series

Again this brand, So this keyboard protector definitely very compatible with your Asus ROG keyboard laptop.

Made of TPU material that does not use too much hard glue, so it is very easy to install and of course it does not leave stains on your keyboard laptop.

This keyboard cover also protected from crumbs, liquids, dust, hair, and the oil from your fingers. Manufactured to the Highest Quality and bla.bla.bla.

Laptop Clear Transparent Keyboard Cover Guard for ASUS ROG

CooSkin is a big brand that we think has high quality, like this keyboard protector for Asus ROG GL552, use only best material like high grade TPU.

Compare to silicone material, TPU (Thermalplastic Polyurethene) keyboard cover has characterized as ultra thin and high transparent.

Compared to other keyboard protector this brand is more thin, and easier to wash, even this brand more natural, because the color and shape also not leaving any glue on our Asus ROG keyboard laptop.

Clear TPU Keyboard Cover for ASUS ROG

Casebuy also released a protective keyboard product for the Asus ROG laptop. Using TPU material is already characteristic of this brand. The price is also cheaper and environmentally friendly.

Made by TPU material is not toxic, durable, high quality.

Protect your laptop from spills, dust, and other contaminants. Have superb 0.18 mm thickness to minimize typing disorder. High transparency to maintain the elegance of the laptop, and allows the keyboard’s backlight to illuminate.

They didn’t mention the warranty, but we’ve tried it.

Silicone Keyboard Cover Protector Asus ROG Laptop

We don’t know the brand of this keyboard protector. But very fitting for Asus ROG laptops especially the GL552 series, the interesting thing is this keyboard protector uses Russian language.

Using silicone material is certainly no problem, easy to washable, but will be hard to reuse if still wet.

Protects against dust and water resistance, but a little patience for the hard installation.

We guarantee this keyboard protector is fitting for the Asus ROG GL552.

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