Asus ROG GL552 Backpack

laptop gaming backpack

Its all about the Asus ROG laptop backpack. Asus gaming laptop versions (ROG ) will issue, and became the best laptop gaming.

If you guys need a gaming laptop with an interesting look, aluminum body, then this is you are looking for.

But Im not making this Asus gaming laptop review.

With aluminum body and inspired F-22 fighter, gaming laptop looks very sturdy and robust 9.4 x 6.3 x 1.3 inch large screen is 15.6 inches. Imagine playing games with this laptop, but you will be playing with your friends.

I think this is what is on your mind “How do I take it there…???”.


And you will ask me,

“where I can got protectors like cases, sleeves and also backpacks for my Asus ROG laptop?”.

Ok, below there are several protective laptop bag protector. Asus ROG laptop backpack. Not much but it could be a reference for you.

Laptop Backpack Water Resistant with USB Charging Port and Lock for 15.6 Inch Laptop

Tzowla this brand originated in china, but for the quality they are trying to be the best. With their vision of making a safe and strong bag, we just saw the shape of this bag and.

Wow, it turned out to be very suitable for Asus ROG laptops.

We took it all day to get around, and because we didn’t carry too much stuff so it felt comfortable to use.

This bag is equipped with a protector from thieves. Uses a USB smartphone charging design and protects the laptop from rain, because it uses High quality Water Resistant Polyester Fabric Material. Of course, the warranty is forever.

Laptop Backpack Fits 15.6 Inch with USB Port and RFID Protection

SwissDigital. Wait a minute, we know this brand. We know you guys have already figure it out. Its was laptop bags for ASUS ROG.

Their using best materials they have, and turned it into a laptop bag protector with best quality too.

We use these bags to travel out of town, very comfortable.

We really mean it.

No need to explain it too details, right?

So just simple click the link above and check their detail for your self.

Laptop Backpack 15.6 Inch Lightweight for Asus ROG Laptop

Sosoon. I just heard this brand.

They have a very good laptop protective bag. Their material is also quite thick to protect our Asus ROG laptop.

When we tried this brand of laptop protector, we not only feel comfortable but also quite light in use, quite stylish too.

I fill it with clothes. 10 inch tablets and variety of accessories, I would not mention it a one on one.

ASUS ROG Ranger Backpack Fit 17 Inch

There is no best laptop protector besides a backpack from Asus ROG it self. Made with hard plastic material, but light when used. The main material of this bag is of course, Canvas, but with better thickness to protect Asus ROG GL552 laptop.

With a large reaching 42 liters. Our Asus ROG laptop is well protected, even when we do a drop test. The size can load a 17 inch laptop, with plenty of space for all other gaming accessories. We think it’s worthy of being the best laptop protector.

Custom Waterproof Laptop Case Asus ROG 17

Actually, I do not recommend this case, because there are friends who have a protective laptop case. So we decided to put it.

You can see this briefcase is very strong in protecting the laptop especially the size of 17 inch. Perfectly fit your Asus ROG.

Rugged waterproof gaming laptop case, suitable for most Asus ROG gaming laptops with accessories including gaming mice, headphones, Stream decks, and more.

Has a maximum dimension of 18 x 12.5 x 3.25 inch.

ASUS Republic of Gamers Shuttle Backpack for 17 Inch

Asus has already calculated how ROG laptops must be protected from various problems, and also the warranty after an expensive purchase.

There is nothing wrong if you want to use this backpack, because besides fitting for the Asus ROG 17 inch, this backpack also gives us convenience when checking at the airport.

The padded inside protects the Asus ROG laptop from accidents and other hazards to keep it last longer, the laptop compartment fits the Smartphone.

Robust polyester construction enables waterproof and scratch backpacks.

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