Alienware 13 R3 OLED Screen Protector

Alienware Screen Protector

Alienware is best gaming laptop this year (2017). Its hard to find Screen Protector for Alienware? Let me see, interesting. Wait, this laptop is expensive and you have it? Great.

Have Core i7 the 7th generation Processor Kaby Lake, with 16 GB RAM, don’t ask performance please, much better than the MSI and Gigabyte. Screen 13, 3inch with the sharpness of 4K and 2560 x 1440 Pixel, using Nvidia GeForce GTX GPU GPUs 1060 6 GB for game play Witch Hunter 3 very smooth.

Best Screen Protector for Alienware 13 R3

But how do you guys protect this expensive laptop? We want to know how you keep the screen remain durable and perfect?

We provide protection screen for your gaming laptop Alienware 13 R3 OLED are easy to install, have a good quality, and also reliable.

And you know where to go. We will recommend best screen protector for Alienware laptop of yours. Not much, because this laptop is still new.

But don’t worry, we’ll update again.

High Clarity Screen Protector & Microfiber Cloth

PcProfessional, has a good reputation, a characteristic thick screen for all products, including Screen Protector for Alienware gaming laptop 13 R3.

Made of three layers of high quality and proven electrostatic material protects from scratches sharp objects, of course, anti-dust.

First time installing it we are very confident with this Screen Protector for Alienware, because it was one big package, no warranty if incorrectly install, so you have to find people who can installed on your Alienware laptop.

Matte Dell Alienware 13 R3 With Anti-Glare

Screen protector for Dell Alienware 13 R3 laptop
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Screen protector from Celicious, ultra-thin for Dell Alienware Gaming Laptop 13 R3, amazingly could improve clarity, reduce screen glare, firmly attached to the surface of the screen, free from scratches and help reduce finger smudges.

Have no warranty for installation, so be careful when installing it.

Best Screen Protector for Alienware 13 UK

For those of you who live in Europe or stay for a while, looking for a Dell Alienware 13 laptop screen protector will be a little difficult.

Because only a few sellers that we found on Amazon and ebay

We will recommend you best screen protectors, and we will try to not make you guys broke.

Compatible Dell Alienware 13 Privacy 2-Way Screen Protector Film

Celicious is indeed a big brand and they are in Europe, the PET film material they use is also the best, the adhesive screen protector for Alienware is also not too bad.

With this privacy screen protector you are safe to processing financial data while in public space because they helps protect by narrowing the viewing angle to 30 degrees either side of the screen when the laptop is in landscape orientation.

Don’t worry about installing it, those who never installed a screen protector, can also install laptop very easily, because there are instructions in the package of course.

Dell Laptop Alienware 13 R3 Oleophobic AFP Clear Film Screen Protector

Healingshiel, this new brand has impressed us, the material used is also very good, 3H PET film is indeed best material that is very clear and easy to install on Alienware R3 laptop.

If you use this brand for your laptops, this means you have the right protection, why? because this screen protector not make your eyes in pain, cause too many games to play? nope, but this screen protector offers maximum protection to help your eyes from laptop blue light that can be dangerous for you.

The installation is also quite easy as long as you follow the instructions in the package, because it is made of a very strong adhesive, I suggest asking for help from your friends or relatives, but if you want to install it yourself, it doesn’t matter.

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