Alienware 13 R3 OLED Keyboard Protector

Best keyboard protector

Best gaming laptop? Certainly Alienware from Dell, I will discuss is keyboard cover protector for Alienware 13 R3, you guys already got?

With the 7th generation from intel and 4K display , what else are you waiting for? we know the price is so high, at least we ever try and wan’t destroy it.

The Alienware 13’s interior is all about the lighting. The glimmering, backlit keyboard and touchpad are swimming in a sea of luxurious black, soft-touch material. – Sherri L. Smith

Thank you dear, you’ve explained it clearly.


So Alienware R3 laptop is much lighter than previous versions due to the material used, mixture of Magnisium Alloy and Aluminium, while for keyboard very comfortable in use, distance between buttons aren’t too far, really be pampered play The Witcher III.

What you do if your laptop keyboard look dirty or broken?. So we recommend this keyboard cover protector of your, don’t forget to thank us.

Below are best keyboard cover protector for your Alienware 13 R3

Alienware 13 Laptop High Clear Transparent TPU Keyboard Protector

Cooskin using high-quality materials like TPU material directions: TPU is a flexible polymer material and its full name is Thermoplastic Polyurethane.

Known as the 21st century’s new type of environmentally friendly material, TPU special molecular structure makes it have excellent physical functions, such as flexibility, wear-resistance, strength, hardness, extension also temperature adaptability, make this keyboard cover waterproof and dust-resistant.

Has thickness of 0.18 mm …very thin, isn’t it?. Sticking with perfect and get rid of the clicking sound when typing.

Dell Alienware 13 US Layout Clear Soft Ultra thin Silicone

BingoBuy, who does not know this brand? best protects your laptop, now back with their best material clear keyboard protector specifically for US, Europe is still in process.

Using eco-friendly silicone material, noise free while typing, anti-dust and safe from water-spills and also easy to clean, just washed.

Fit with keyboard laptop Alienware 13 R3 plus you can go with the protective casing, we not try to make you to buy it, but it was a good deal, right?

Weakness, too easily removed, but a bit problematic when installing it back, we think is not a big problem.

Alienware 13 R3 Dustproof Transparent Silicone Keyboard Cover

ESPL, brand from china with TPU, pretty good. Thin and perfect for keyboard laptop alienware R3, offer anti anti dust, spills, and not easily damaged.

Our first impression was to try this keyboard protector, almost similar to other protectors, this keyboard cover was thinner and easier to wash, but be careful if you wash it too often, it seems the adhesive will quickly disappear.

We tried removing and installing it again, there was no problem. The problem is, this protector was quickly dirty for those have hands sweating.

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