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Laptop Defender is also a place for guide, tips and suggestions as well as a safe way for your laptop, whether you want the laptop to stay clean, stay healthy even if it’s been used all day.

How do we prove the best laptop protector

You’re very lucky to have read some writing about a laptop that you’re about to buy or may already have but don’t know what to buy for your screen, keyboard or bag. Not to mention if you want insurance for laptops or equipment that supports your laptop to be more durable and keep new.

We not only write about a few brands, but overall experience using laptop protectors that we get from Amazon as our official partner.

We prioritize quality over price, many laptop protectors are very cheap, but do not guarantee to protect your laptop perfectly. That’s why we’ve been assisted by some volunteers, trying to many brand of laptop protector to make sure your laptop is properly protected.


Laura Gottschalk
Ronin Hamizan
Novie Meg

The Laptop Defender journey began in 2016 when our friend Ronin, bought him Dell XPS laptop screen protector, and the results were disappointing. Making the laptop worse, the protector is also not durable.

Join Laura, who at the time worked as a freelance writer for a laptop magazine, recounting our friend’s experience in more detail and providing any improvements to make it come back good.

Invited Novie, who often recommends laptop protectors with the best quality according to his experience during 10 years as a supervisor of laptop protective products in china

Finally by creating this web we strive to provide instructions and experience using the best laptop protectors we use.