5 Best Disinfecting Wipes for Your Laptop

disinfecting wipes macbook

How to clean and disinfect your laptop? In the right way. Disinfecting wipes for laptop, is the answer. Laptops have a tendency to get dirty quickly. The palm rest and touchpad are often smudged from regular use, the keyboard can get food crumbs, and your screen may look dirty from your sneezing.

Keeping your hardware clean and free of germs may not be the one in your work schedule, but it becomes more important when dealing with threats of something like coronavirus (COVID-19) being spread out in this 2020 year.

Best Disinfecting Wipes for Laptop

Before read more, it’s good to know the right way and what to avoid when cleaning and disinfecting your laptop. You do not want to do permanent damage in the name of cleanliness. Right?

There are people who claim alcohol has damaged their laptop, if your laptop has a fresh oleophobic coating, you’ll likely want to stay away from anything more harsh than marketed laptop screen cleaner.

disinfecting wipes for laptop

Covid 19 can be completely lost with a cleanser that uses 70% alcohol, so what should you do if this can ruin your laptop? Not all cleaning brand for laptops are also safe, they use alcohol too because to reduce water used that will into laptop and then damage it.

So this is what you will do to protect the family and laptops from covid 19. Using a wipes recommendation that I will provide.

The List

  • Coleman Biowipes, 30 Count $11.74 at Amazon
  • Clorox Triple Action Dust Wipes-20 Ct $5.59at Amazon
  • Hotcelly Wet Wipes Antibacterial Disinfection $5.99at Amazon
  • Elecom Pre-Moistened Cleaning Wipes Wet Tissue $12.99at Amazon
  • Clorox Handi Wipes Heavy Duty $17.98at Amazon

I will not tell you to buy all, choose the one that is suitable for your laptop.

Coleman Biowipes

With 30 pre-moistened, all-purpose compostable wipes in each package. If you have used it for cleaning household items, this is also good for cleaning your laptop.

Ingredients these wipes :

  • Water
  • Linoleamidopropyl
  • PG-Dimonium Chloride Phosphate
  • Sodium Coco PG-Dimonium Chloride Phosphate
  • Sodium Benzoate
  • Tetrasodium EDTA
  • Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice
  • Citric Acid

With the basic ingredients above, your laptop is certainly safe. And free from Covid19.

Get this Coleman Biowipes at Amazon here

You get 30 of these wipes per package. Best used for my macbook, and they did the job wonderfully. Perfectly moistened – not soaking in moisture, but just right.

Clorox Triple Action Dust Wipes

Triple-action dust wipes feature an interlocking weave designed to trap and lock-down debris instead of just pushing it around. Clorox certainly has become something you need, but is it safe for laptops? Sure, using material like cloth and can clean up more easily, including making a laptop safe from Covid19.

With only one wipe, you can quickly dust an laptop with easy. This dust wipes are more like a dryer sheet (thin), great for TV, lamps, and of course my macbook.

How to wear and disinfecting coronavirus from your laptop is quite easy, using alcohol on this dust tape but don’t get too much because it will ruin it. Simply on spray on the laptop and wipe using this dust tape.

Get this Clorox Triple Action Dust Wipes at Amazon here

You will get 20 cloth for one package. Measuring 1.4 x 4.5 x 7.6 inches, the cloth will look small, but if you used for laptop then is enough. Don’t forget to buy alcohol spray to prevent covid19 in the laptop.

Hotcelly Wet Wipes Antibacterial Disinfection Anti-fogging Cotton Tissue

A smart and effective way to clean up lenses without damaging it. Not just the lens and monitor, but also the untouched part of the laptop can be easily cleaned. Just rubbing it without additional alcohol, because this cleanser is already equipped with alcohol that is able to kill viruses like covid 19.

It is hypoallergenic and skin safe, its mean non-allergic and safe for hand skin, so safe for laptops. Does not make the laptop become dull and damaged.

I use this tissue for almost a month, the result is my Macbook looks clean and I am not afraid to use it, because if it has been used by other people sometimes there is a feeling of fear if they are positive covid 19.

Check Hotcelly Wet Wipes at Amazon here

1 x Anti-Fog Lens Wipes 60 sheets in a box.

Elecom Pre-Moistened Cleaning Wipes Wet Tissue

This high-tech Japanese formula, cleans effectively without leaving streaks or residue. What interesting is that this tissue is alcohol-free, so it is safe for coating laptop.

Material made of nonwoven fabric which was invastigated by Mitsubishi Rayon.

Is the best disinfecting wipes for laptop because without fear laptop become damaged, the most important thing is can clean coronavirus easily.

Be sure to clean the laptop every time finish in use, I myself always clean my MacBook with this tissue elecom, because in addition to alcohol-free, my MacBook so free from covid 19.

Get Elecom Cleaning Wipes Wet Tissue at Amazon here

You will get 110 tissues from Elacom for one package, and that is enough for 3 months. I myself have ordered it from January 2020, there is a left to clean my macbook and smartphone.

Clorox Handi Wipes Heavy Duty

Similar to the list above, only for this cleaner can be washed and reused. The material is an alternative to paper towels, rags and sponges, but soft and easily to washed.

Alcohol free, therefore you will need extra alcohol spray to get rid of covid 19 from your laptop.

Clean tough messes on a variety of surfaces with Heavy Duty Reusable Handi Wipes from Clorox. With their high absorbency, laptops that have not been cleaned for months will clean perfectly. You can see your laptop looks new again.

I don’t use this cloth, but some office laptops have been cleaned using this Clorox Handi Wipes with help of alcohol spray to avoid coronavirus.

Get Clorox Handi Wipes at Amazon here

You will get four 3 count packages of reusable heavy duty cleaning wipes. So 12 wipes total, and you can reused it again for 20 times.